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His Highness Prince Aga Khan is coming to Kazakhstan on a short visit. - 2003-04-28

Monday, 2003, April 28

On April 29, in the evening, a well-known public man, spiritual leader of Moslems-Ismailites His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan is arriving in Almaty, the Kazakh information agency reports.On April 30 in the course of his short visit Aga Khan will meet with the Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and also with some members of the Kazakhstan Government. During these meetings various questions will be covered, in particular, Aga Khan?s activity on the development in Kazakhstan and the region on the whole.
Aga Khan?s visit coincides with Yo-Yo-Ma? concert, a famous American cellist all around the world, in Almaty, and ?Silk Road? ensemble which is a part of Aga Khan?s project in music development sphere of the Central Asia. It is expected that he will visit Taldykorgan and meet with Almaty region management. It is his third visit to Kazakhstan. During his last visit in December 2002, Aga Khan was awarded the Kazakhstan President?s prize ?For Peace and Accord? for his contribution to peace consolidation, friendship and understanding between nations.
Aga Khan?s organization for development is a group of private agencies the activities of which cover a wide range of questions ? from health, education and architecture to development of country settlements and support of small business. This organization is in over 20 countries of the world. Aga Khan?s organization has been working in the Central Asia since 90-s.

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