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M. The Material World


Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, this material world is full of sorrows and pains. There is terrible lamentation everywhere in this world. You will find people sad and always lamenting about their own daily problems. Take off the cotton pad from your ears. In other words, discard ignorance and do not keep deaf ears towards the cries and happenings in this world and you will find a terrible condition of people who are constantly suffering. Look at the piece of wood; it makes a noise. It is the cry of the wood while being sawn with the blade. Look at the stone. When it is hammered it makes tremendous noise. It is also a cry of the stone. Look at the flowing river. There is a continuous noise of the flow.

O Momins, this life in the same manner, passes away like a flowing river. A cry of human life is also so deep and shocking.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, they are the misguided people who are satisfied and happy with this material world.

O Momins, those who have a deep craving for this material world, they are in a deplorable state.

O Momins, imagine a man in a desert looking for water. A man in a jungle walks for miles in search of water and he eventually finds a mirage. At first he feels so happy since he thinks he has found a river. But when he arrives close to the mirage he is disappointed to see the mirage full of sand, which looked like water from the distance. The sand of mirage looked like water due to the light of the sun. It was a great disappointment for him because he did not get water. He could not quench his thirst.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, this material world is made of dust. Even the wealth of this world is nothing but the dust. But alas! you look at all these as Gold, Silver and Rubies. O Momins, undoubtedley your vision is absolutely faulty.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, a thirst of wealth is more acute than the thirst of water.

O Momins, a thirst of water can be quenched easily but, the thirst of wealth remains unquenched forever. Keep the total wealth of the world at the disposal of a man and even than he will not be satisfied. His cravings for wealth will be even deeper and increased till the end of his life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, those who have a deep craving for the wealth, their lives end with an unquenched thirst of the wealth of this material world.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, people in this world feel proud and arrogant due to their wealth and they tend to make a show with pomp and pride. They boast before others of their wealth and valuable possessions.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubartak: it is absolutely futile to make such a show. What is going to happen to the wealth man accumulated when he dies? He will not be able to carry anything with him and nothing shall come with him when he leaves this world.

O Momins, only those who feel joy and happiness in maintaining their IMAN (FAITH) are on the right path. They are the glorified eternally who can seriously think and consider the TRUTH. The IMANDAR -MOMINS are far superior than the BE-IMANIS or the FAITHLESS. The unfortunate people run after this material world and forget their Creator-The Almighty ALLAH. People with such behavior are misguided and they will never reach their destination. They will become totally stranded in the eternal world (cycle of rebirth)

O Momins, trust ALLAH. He alone shall fulfill your hopes and desires. Anyone who thinks that a man can fulfill his desires, he will no doubt be disappointed in his life. Look at the shadow of a man. It follows him as he moves and Lo! it disappears instantly when he enters the house.

O Momins, do not depend on those who themselves are dependent on their wealth.

O Momins, rely on ALLAH alone. He is the INDEPENDENT, the Compassionate and the Merciful. Those who have a deep craving for this material world shall achieve nothing but sorrows in this life because their desires, hopes and ambitions will never be fulfilled during their life. Even the black hair on their heads may turn white due to all the worldly temptations and worries, but their life's ambitions will not be fulfilled. Lo! by the time their life will end, all their good actions of life shall be blemished. Apparently, their bargains being materialized from bad to worse because they barter their religion, their faith and Iman for the material world which is artificial. It turns eventually into dust.

O Momins, peole who have a deep craving for this material world, what are they going to achieve after all? They come in this world and achieve disgraceful results in the end. What a fruitless result of their intelligence.

O Momins, people who have a deep craving of this world are no doubt doing an unprofitable business because they barter gold and silver which means their religion -Faith and Iman for the futile -the material world, which is not going to help them in AKUBAT -the Eternal, Life.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, sacrifice your material, worldly possessions and sacrifice your life for your Religion, and in return earn an everlasting capital for your AKUBAT. This material life is transitory and mortal. This world will not always be with you. It will desert you anytime; therefore sacrifice your material life for the sake of Religion -the AKUBAT -for the ETERNAL Life.

O Momins, if you are able to take care of your AKUBAT -the ETERNAL LIFE, you should consider yourself as the most fortunate, but if you find yourself in love with this material world much more than your AKUBAT -the ETERNAL LIFE, you should take it for granted that it is your great misfortune. Most fortunate are those who think high of AKUBAT -who have sincere love for their Religion. Unfortunate are those who love the material world much more then their religion; when they die and leave this world it eventually proves to be useless to them.

O Momins, always remember that this material world and all its gains are but for a transitory period. The ETERNAL LIFE is FOREVER and it glorifies the lives of the Momins.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qa1am Mubarak: O Momins, if you wish to be very well gifted do not be hypnotised by this world. Do not love this mortal world more than your AKUBAT -the ETERNITY.

O Momins, the obedient and sincere woman loves her husband and their children will become noble and fortunate. But this world is like a unfaithful woman. This world (the unfaithful woman) has never maintained one master. This nasty world discards her master in moments and associates with another master. This unfaithful world plays tricks again and again. Beware of this nasty woman (THE MATERIAL WORLD).

O Momins, do not be negligent. Do not be hypnotised by this unfaithful woman (the material world). Otherwise, you will be in despair and you will be greatly disappointed.

O Momins, those who have amassed their wealth and do not spend for the good cause or do not utilize or enjoy for their own innocent pleasures, they will repent. Look at the unfortunate bees. Bees engage in tiresome labour and produce a lot of honey they cannot enjoy their own honey. Because of this, bees are constantly rubbing their hands.

O Momins, obviously this world in not meant for you permanantly, then why are you not earning for your AKUBAT? Do not be fooled; do NOT misuse the golden time of your life.

O Momins, have you ever noticed that those who are hypnotized with this world, they are not at all happy at heart. They are constantly burdened with worries, and the burden of worries increases day by day in their lives. Their worries never reduce. Such people are undoubtedly dazzled with this world and they have been blinded. They are always sad and unhappy and as a result, True happiness does not touch their hearts.

O Momins, keep away from this treacherous world. Those who love this world they will not gain true benefits from religion.

O Momins, people unwisely drink ALCOHOL (SHARAB) and steal somebody's money and articles. Some people charge heavy interest. These are the worst things in life. They are lovers of this nasty world - all their wrongs produce hardships and miseries for them in both the worlds.

O Momins, always bear in your mind that the Holy name of ALLAH is the sweetest of all. Remember ALLAH every moment you breath. Those who prefer to remember ALLAH are true FAITHFULS - IMANIS -True Momins. Momins are never bored or tired of remembering the sweet name of ALLAH. This is the proof that they are the true Momins and the True Lovers of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

O Momins, it is a very serious and wrong and at the same time a most undesirable thing to break the religious rules. Drinking ALCOHOL, stealing money and/or articles which belong to others and to charge heavy interest -all these are the bad actions. Those who are doing such bad actions, the DIVINE LIGHT -THE NOOR shall not be visible on their faces. They are breaking the sacred rules of the PAK-DIN -a Holy Religion. Those who earn their bread and butter dishonestly will be disgraced before the ALMIGHTY ALLAH because they are wrong- doers. A tummy is an enemy of man. It is a fact that for the sake of selfish motives people do many wrongs. Also because of selfish motives people do many wrongs to the fellow brothers and sisters. It is also because of selfish motives people lose the rare opportunity of earing the benefits of AKUBAT. Their lives are miserable.

O Momins, there are people who are not rich and they have many children, they are compelled to work hard and unfortunately as a result of this their mind and body remains constantly at unrest. Anyone who has already fulfilled all obligations of his life and does not have worldly worries is happy. Because he is not worried in his life therefore he can easily remember the Lord Almighty ALLAH. Two swords cannot stay in one sheath. One cannot love both this world and the next. Where there is no fear, there is peace of mind.

O Momins,this transitory world is full of adversities and hardships. Where can you find happiness and peace in this world?

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, today a man is enjoying happily -and next day he hears that one of his beloved one is dead and as a result of bad news he is terribly hurt. A Spiritual Khushiali - (happiness of the AKUBAT) never vanishes. It multiplies daily it develops day by day and stays ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, imagine for a while when a child is separated from his mother and father, it becomes painful to both mother and father and also the child is terribly pained of the separation. Their hearts keep on hurting constantly and it remains incurable. In case a child dies, father and mother are much pained. The terrible blow is unbearable for them, tears are shed continously from their eyes. The wound in their hearts are never healed. The wound heals only when their physical death occurs.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: A Man desires to have everything in this world but it becomes impossible for him to achieve everything he wants. Man is never at rest. Man can achieve peace and happiness if he discards greed in his life.

O Momins, do not hope and rely on others. Discard too many desires from your heart and you will feel peace and happiness and the charm of life. Man becomes disappointed when his desires are not fulfilled.

O Momins, avoid greed to achieve peace of mind. Desires of achieving worldly possessions never end.

Amir-u; Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: Art and Industry can bring fortunes. It is the Key to Success. Wealth comes in life and also disappears but Art and Industries are like deep wells, and waters of such wells never reduce.

O Momins, if you will be friendly and love this world you will be disgraced. Your temptation of this world will make you blind. This world is dazzling but it is artificial. It is faulty and transitory. If an ignorant person thinks he knows everything, it is his fault.This world is like a blind man who claims he can see around and everywhere. No doubt it is a faulty notion.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, do not be an intimate friend of this world. This world will desert you and leave you alone one day. If you will live a long life, your friend (the material world) will eventually desert you and even if your friend (the material world) will continue, its life longer than yours, apparently, you will not be surviving in this world. What a wrong friend this material world is.

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins, whichever path you may choose to go, think positively and seriouslyon this matter. How one would dare keep friendship with an unreliable friend? Well! Think over this and ask to yourself -what shall I gain eventually by being a friend of the unreliable -the material world for which I laboured-I drudged and sacrificed the most precious time of my life and its end and final results?

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) says in His Holy QalamMubarak: O Momins, listen to me, listen to our Holy Firmans -The Qalam Mubarak. If you will listen attentively with your sincere heart you will not commit a blunder in your life.

O Momins, mark this material world. It changes continuously. This world is for a transitory period and temporary for everyone, whether he may be a King or a layman, no one is happy in this world.

O Momins, awaken! If you are young -you should achieve benefits of religion. Practice IBADAT BANDAGI and keep the garden of your life ever-green.

O Momins, they are the misguided who are disclosing secret to a wrong person. Remember, O Momins, a wrong person will lead you nowhere but to the wrong direction - and it is a disastrous path and you will eventually suffer.

O Momins, do not disclose your secrets to a wrong person. These are our Holy Qalam Mubarak.

O Momin, follow the Holy Qalam with love and faith.

O Momins, they are the misguided who love this material world much more than their religion. For sake of this unreliable friend (the material world) misguided people ignore their religion.

O Momins, remember that you have taken birth in this world for a specific reason - that is to earn AKUBAT. But, what are you doing instead in your life? You are losing AKUBAT for the sake of your unreliable unreal friend and it is this artificial material world.

O Momins, those who are misguided they should be left to their own fate, because there is no remedy or cure of their IGNORANCE. ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY has already left them alone and they shall not see the RIGHT PATH -"SIRAT-AL-MUSTAQEEM".

Amir-ul Mominin Mowla Murtaza Ali(A.S.) says in His Holy Qalam Mubarak: O Momins,there is a remedy and a cure for a blind person but there is NO CURE for one whose heart has become blind and dark. Even if the most learned and experienced physician LUQMAN[1] will treat a person having a blind heart yet his heart will never be cured.

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