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Ahmad an-Nasafi


Exact dates are not known for him

Texts for Ahmad an-Nasafi

31.0 Abu Abd Allah Muhammad b. Ahmad an-Nasafi

Ahmad an-Nasafi

In Khurasan, the work of the Da'wa on behalf of Imam Mahdi was carried out by da'is like Shi'rani, Ghiyath and al-Amir Husayn b. Ali al-Marwazi. Their policy was to get close to the chiefs and rulers of the place as well as their important civil and military officials, and with the official support or connivance, to propagate the Ismaili madhhab among the people. Abu abd Allah Muhammad b. Ahmad an-Nasafi (who is also described by Na'sir-i-Khusr'aw as 'Da'i Abul-Hasan an-Nakhshabi) followed the same policy of his master Da'i Marwazi and of his other predecessors. His success was phenomenal.

Texts for Ahmad an-Nasafi

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