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Rashid al-Din Sinan

Chief Dai
1135 - 1194

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20.0 Rashid al-Din Sinan

Rashid al-Din Sinan

The Ismaili movement was the most dynamic and vigorous of the Shi'i movements in the medieval Muslim World, and is still active and very well organized under the leadership of its present Imam, H. H. The Aga Khan Shah Karim al-Husayni. Through the Fatimid Caliphate in North Africa and Egypt (C.E. 909-1171), and through the Nizari Imamate at Alamut in Persia (C.E. 1094-1256), Ismailism presented an unexampled spiritual and political challenge to the dominance of Sunni orthodoxy and to the authority of contemporary Sunni rulers and dynasties, such as the Saljuq Sultans and Abbasid Caliphs.

A.0 Appendix 1: Letter of Rashiduddin Sinan to Nooreddin Zenki

Rashiduddin Sinan
Rashid al-Din Sinan
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(Ref. "Ismailis of Syria", 1970 - Ghaleb, Moustafa, p.1O9)

<< May God make you successful to do good in this world. You have said about me that I abolished the Shariat and left fasting and prayer. While I see that you are still sleeping while we are rising to make the Great Rise and Resurrection which Almighty God wants and orders.

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