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Hamid ad-Din al-Kirmani

- 1021

Texts for Hamid ad-Din al-Kirmani

11.0 Sayyidna Hamid ad-Din

Hamid ad-Din al-Kirmani

He was known as Hamid ad-Din Ahmed b. 'Abd Allah al-Kirmani. His title was Hujjat al- lraqayn (Hujja of the two Iraqs, Iraq and Western Persia). Some Ismaili writers call him Sayyidna Hamid ad-Din al-Kirmani (our Master Hamid ad-Din al-Kirmani).

It is not known, for certain, when he was born nor when he died, but modern scholars suggest that his death occured in about 412/1021. And judging from the quality and quantity of his works it appears that he spent a long life in the fields of learning which suggests that he may have been born during the first half of the 4th/10th century.

Texts for Hamid ad-Din al-Kirmani

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