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Yaqub Bin Killis

Wazir al Adjall
0930 - 0991

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9.0 Yaqub Bin Killis

Yaqub Bin Killis

Fatimi Wazir, Abu al-Farj Yaqub bin Yusuf known as Ibn Killis, was born of an honorable family of Baghdad. By birth he was a Jew, born in 318 A.H./930 C.E. At the young age he came with his father to Egypt where he started his political life at the court of Kafur. He was very intelligent, hard working and honest. Very soon he secured important position in the Court of Kafur as an expert in economic. In 356 A.H./967 C.E., he embraced Islam by which Kafur was highly pleased and appointed him as his courtier.

Texts for Yaqub Bin Killis

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