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Tuesday, 2007, July 10

Following the Aga Khan’s leadership, each community of Ismailis contributes locally and internationally to making the world a better place. Focusing particularly on developing nations in Asia and Africa, the Aga Khan through the agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network has built over 300 educational institutions, including two universities, 200 clinics and health centers, five hospitals and other institutions dedicated to improving living conditions for the poor of the world, without regard to their faith, origin or gender.

H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV

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Pakistan: Ismailis Celebrate Aga Khan’s Golden Jubilee - 2007-07-10

The Daily Times

The Ismaili community around the world is celebrating the golden jubilee of Prince Karim Aga Khan’s ascension to the throne of the Imamat on July 11, 1957, at age 21 while a student at Harvard University. His grandfather Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah or Aga Khan III preceded him.

He was chosen because his grandfather wanted to be succeeded by somebody young who had grown up during a new age and who could provide a new outlook during his time as Imam.

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