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10. Red colour - its special features

Red (ahmar) is the colour of fire and blood. It is linked with vital force. It is gushing colour, hot and male, unlike green. Adam signifies red in Hebrew. The red sulphur (kibrit ahmar) of Islamic esotericism denotes Universal Man. Abdullah Numair narrates on the authority of al-Bari; who said, "I have never seen anyone more attractive and elegant in a red cloak than the Prophet" (Tabaqat, 2nd vol., p.534). Jabir b. Abdullah also narrates, "The Prophet put on his red sheet on the Eids and Fridays" (ibid). Abu Juhaifah Wahab bin Abdullah relates: "I saw the Prophet in Mecca at Batha. He was in a tent made of red leather. Bilal came out with water which the Prophet had made his ablutions. Then he came out wearing a red mantle."

According to "Ahadith-i Mathnawi" (ed. Badi'uz-Zaman, Tehran, 1955, p. 299), the Prophet once said, "Red rose is a part of God's glory."

While studying the colour symbolism of the Sufi garments, it is learnt that red was preferred by the Badawiyya in Egypt.

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