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Sayyed Imamshah - great composer of many of our Holy Ginans

Sayyed Imamshah who was the son of our Great Pir Hasan Kabirdin He was born in A.H 856 on 27th day of Rabi al-Thani in the Punjab city of Uucch. His original name was Sayyed Imamudin. He was also known as Sayyed Abdulrahim. Sayyed Imamshah converted many Hindus to Ismailism. At the age of 15, Sayyed Imamshah's father Pir Hasan Kabirdin passed away. At that time Sayyed Imamshah was in a distant place soreading the message of sirat-al-mustaqeem through rendition of Ginans and imparting knowledge of Ismaili faith to various communities all over the sub-continent of India.

Sayyed Imamshah passed away in A.H. 919 on the 26th day of Ramadhan in the town of Giramtha near Ahmedabad.

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