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Ghar sar vadhaayun more liyo

Pir Sadardin
bhg5-038 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Ghar sar vaadhaaiyun Shaah more liyo avtaar,
laakh choraasi Shaah tun jiven-jo daataar ... ...
bhore man sirevo sirjannhaar,
jivddaa tun jaag alaaraa tun jaag
mere alaah so din aave;
sache saaheb jiki karanni mitthe
Ali jiki karanni ham dil bhaave;
jivaddaa tun jaag alaaraa tun jaag;
mere alaa so din aaveji 1

Eji Sir so hamaaraa yaa Ali tere paaun dariyaa;
tere pirsaade yaa Ali jivaddaa nipannaa - bhore 2

Eji Visav kunvaari Shah tun parannego baali;
jit khaddaa huaa Shaah tun anatejo vaali - bhore 3

Eji Bhanne Pir Sadardin yaa Ali ham gunehgaar;
gunaah bakhsho hamaaraa yaa Ali bakhshann-haar,
bhore man sirevo sirjannhaar jivddaa ... 4

Translation & Transcription

Ghar Sar Vadhaaiyu(n) Shah More Leeyo Avatarr - Translation

Ghar sar vadhaayun more liyo

Pir Sadardeen

Blessed be your home
Each and every home
As our Lord has manifested himself before us
O Lord! You are the sustainer of all living creatures of the world

Be prepared O soul!
Be prepared O attendant of God!
And serve the Lord with an immaculate heart

The devotion to our true Lord
The devotion to our beloved Ali
Gives satisfaction to our hearts

O Allah! I wish I would be having that experience in my life. ...1

We bow our heads down to your feet, O Ali, In your submission The lives of the universe came into existance because of your wisdom and will. ...2

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