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Kahore pandito jiv kis ghar jaata

Pir Sadardin
bhg5-067 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Kahore pandito jiv kis ghar jaataa;
shabd atit anhad rahetaa 1

Eji Je man maannso pere jaanne;
gungaare saakar kiyaare vakhaanne 2

Eji Man ne pavan vache sukhmannaa naaddi;
esaa ginaan kantho man vaari 3

Eji Gangaa ne jamnaa gor ulatti vahi jaave;
bin jal sangam aa man 4

Eji Sam karo lochan dhradd vahevaaraa;
to jaanno muman tame ehi vichaaraa 5

Eji Sohi Gur karie je aur na karannaa;
sohi jaanp janpie jo bornn na janpannaa 6

Eji Sohi kartav karieji jo aur na karannaa;
sudhaa hokar marieji jo bornn na marannaa 7

Eji Har bolo Har bolo munivar jan;
harke charann chint laavo ek man 8

Eji Ek sabd-thi bhavsaagar tariye;
teh japantaa aaras nav kariye 9

Eji Bhanne Pir Sadardin sunno gat soiyaa;
Sat Gur viniyaa mugat na hoy 10

(Note this ginan is often searched as " Kahore Pandito " or " Ali Bolo ")

Translation & Transcription

Kahore Pandito Jiv Kis Ghar Jaata - Translation

Kahore pandito jiv kis ghar jaata

1. 0 sages ! say where will the soul go ? Ism-e-Azam (the great name) continues from eternity.

2. 0 brother! the heart which is delighted with it alone knows it. How will the dumb praise sugar ?

3. .0 brother! the sukhmana vein lies between the heart and the breath. Control the heart and relate such facts of knowledge to it.

4. 0 brother! Ganga and Jamna are quickly flowing backwards, without acquiring water the heart bathes.

5. 0 brother! level both eyes and be firm in dealings, then 0 believer! contemplate upon these facts.

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