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Tasbih Recitation and Meanings

Allahuma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Aale Muhammad
(O Allah! Let thy peace be on Muhammad and his progeny)
Recite as many times as you can to help any issues you may have. Salawat will help you with all of them.

Ya Allah, Ya Wahhab, Ya Ali, Allahus-Samad
(O! Allah, O! Bestower, O! Ali The Most High, O! Allah)
(33 Times at the times of sleeping)
Recite for happiness in this world and thereafter, for increase
In belief, for barakat, for peace, for goodness

Ya Waliyyul Hasanaat
(O! Doer of Good)
(101 Times Anytime)
Can be recited for leaving bad vices (habits) and becoming good

Zud Zud Be Faryad Be Ras Ya Mowlana
(O Our Lord! Hasten (be quick) to our call of help)

Allahu Akbar, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah
(Allah is great,
Allah is exalted (a person at high with great power) and glorious, All praise be to Allah)
(33/34 Times)
For Peace and happiness,
For Resolving Disputes,
For Increasing Love, having children and for Barakat.

Ya Hayyul Qayyum Ya Alliyyul Azim Ya Sahebuz Zaman Ya Hazer Imam
(O the Everliving the Eternal, O the Most High the supreme!
O the Lord of the Age! O Present and Living Imam)

Ya Kaziyyul Haajaat
(O! Fulfiller of my Wishes)
(101 Times After Morning or Evening Prayers)
For Fulfilling of wishes

Ya Rabb Bala Bigarda Ba Haqqa Shahe Marda'n
(O! Sustainer Drive away my problems, for the sake
of Mawla Ali (A.S)
(40 Times any time)
Any trouble will be solved

La Illaha Anta Subhanaka inni Kunto Minaz-zalemeen
(There is No God except Allah You are the Pure Pardoner,
I am one of the Cruelest)
(40 Times After Prayer)
Recite in times of distress, Troubles, if you have committed any sins or if there is no Barakat in your livelihood

Ya Naseer
(O! Giver of Success, Helper)
(101 Times at the times of sleeping)
Success can be got from any problem for protection

Ya Raheman Ya Raheem
(O Beneficent!
O Merciful)
(33 Times)

Alhamdu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen
(All praise is due to Allah the maintainer of all beings
(The lord of the worlds))

La Haul Wala Quwwat Lila Billahi Aliul Azeem
(None has authority and power except Allah who is the most High
and Exalted)
(44 Times)
Can be recited in times of Fright, Scare, Confusion, Evil Soul cannot affect you

Astaghferullahi Rabbi Wa Aatoobu Elaihi
(Verify, I seek the forgiveness of Allah, Who is my Lord Sustainer and
I turn to Him
in repentance)
(40 Times)
For forgiveness of sins, in times of sickness and quarrels

Ya Ali Bilutfik Adrikni
(O! Ali help me with thy kindness)

Surah Tul Ikhlas
Qul huwa 'Lla hu ahad
Allah hu's-samad
Lam yalid wa lam yulad
Wa lam yakun lahu
Kufuwan ahad

(Say, "Allah is the one
Allah is absolute,
He did not beget nor
He was begotten. And
There is none like unto him")
(If recite in the morning 33 Times, you will avoid doing bad things)

Ehdinas-Siratal Mustaqeem
(Guide us to the right path)

Ya Allah
(Oh Allah)
When in pain and Distress
(If recite at Noon or Midnight at 12 o'clock with your kids in mind they will stay on right path Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem)

Ya Ali Ya Muhammad
(O! Ali
O! Muhammad)
(101 Times Anytime)

Ya Rabbul Aalameen
(O Lord of the worlds)
(101 Times Anytime)
For Daily Bread and Barakat

Ya Rafiud Darajaat
(O! Giver of Success)
(101 Times Anytime)
For Barakat in Work Progress, Income and Respect

Allah hu's-samad
(Allah is Absolute, Independent)

Iyyaka Na'Budu
Wa Iyyaka Nastaeen

(To thee alone we worship and Thee alone we seek help)


(O! Giver of Protection
O! Protector)
(40 Times Anytime)
For saving ourselves from any troubles or enemy

Ya Wadood
(O! Giver of Gifts Loving)
(101 Times After Prayers)
Improves your nature, for acquiring peace and controlling anger

Ya Ali Adrikni
Ya Ali Aghisni

(O! Ali (A.S) Help me
O! Ali (A.S) Listen to my complaints)
(40 Times anytime)
Sadness and problems Vanish
Peace can be gotten,
And there will be
Peace in the House

Ya Shafi
(O! Healer)
(101 Times Anytime)
Recite in times of Sickness and Confusion

Shukran Lillah
Wal Hamdulillah
Rabbil A'Alameen

(All thanks are due to Allah
And all praises are due to Allah
Who is the maintainer of the worlds)

Ya Museer
(O! My Supporter)
(101 Times at the time of sleeping)
Useful for Confusion,
Problem, Sore Heart due to Enmity
Or also for any wish

Ya Ali Agisni,
Ya Ali Adrikni Har Bala Tu
Door Kar,
Mushkil Kusha Mowla Ali
Har Bala Tu Door Kar, Karim Shah Mowla Ali

(O! Ali come to my rescue,
O! Ali extend to me Thy help,
O! Our Lord Ali, the Remover of all difficulties remove all calamities, O! Shah Karim our Lord Ali remove all calamities)
(40 Times Anytime)
Sadness and problem vanish, Peace can be got.
Wishes fulfilled and there will be peace in the house

Nadi Aliyyan Mazhara'l Ajai'b
Tajid-Hu Awnan
La-Ka Fin-Nawaib;
Kullu Hammin Wa
Ghammin Sayanjali
Be Wilayatika Ya Ali
Ya Ali, Ya Ali

(Invoke Ai who is the Revealer of wonderful things and you surly Shall find Him helping you in difficulties, all worries and sorrows Shall be cleared away by His help
O Ali, O Ali, O Ali)

Ya Ali Tu Raham Kar
Ya Mawla Tu
Fazal Kar

(O! Ali have Mercy on us,
O! Our lord bestow Thy bounties upon us be benevolent to us)
(40/101 Times After Prayers)
Troubles, Problems will vanishes,
To save yourself from tortures of enemy, to escape from false blames etc

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