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Jamat Khana Tur Jaal


Jamat Khana Tur Jaal
Brep Valley of Chitral
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

In Brep valley of Chitral, in province of KPK of Pakistan. This valley consist more then 1500 population.

All the population practice Ismaili faith of Islam. There are more then 19 Jamat khanas in the village. The name are as follow:

01-Jamlasht Jamat khana No. 01
02-Jamlasht Jamat khana No. 02
03-Jamat Khana Tur Jaal
04-Jamat Khana Qasimandeh
05-Jamat Khana Ataqleghandoor
06-Jamat Khana Deh No. 01
07-Jamat Khana Deh No. 02
08-Jamat Khana Dock
09-Jamat Khana Karimabad (Hone)
10-Centre Jamat khana Brep
11-Jamat khana Rustamandeh
12-Jamat Khana Rateni
13-Jamat Khana Naso koch
14-Jamat khana Brep No.02 (Kotanlasht)

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