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Translation of Aanand aanand kariyo rikhisaaro

Aanand aanand kariyo rikhisaro

Eji Aanand aanand kariyo rikhisaro
Awal Shah tame paayaa....1

O momins! Rejoice rejoice o believers, for you have attained the First Imam.

Eji Milo ne milaavo rikhisaro
Milk kari kariyo kamaai.....2

O momins! Meet and collaborate with others o believers. Having met thus, perform rewarding deeds.

Eji Jampudip maahen Shaah maaro parvariyo;
ke rikhisar ne gher vadhaayun 3

O momins! In the Indian subcontinent the Imam has arrived. Therefore the homes of the believers are to be congratulated.

Eji Rikhisaro ne Shaah maaro ugaarshe;
ne karanni tannaa fal dese 4

O momins! My Imam will liberate the believers and will grant them the fruits of their good deeds.

Eji Diyo dasond avtaar dhiyaavo;
to enne kartave jivddo chute 5

O momins! Submit the Dasond and be devoted to the Manifestation. Through such action your souls will be freed.

Eji Vikhaddi velaa maanhe panth katthan chhe;
ke aaviyaa aagam endhaann 6

O momins! In the difficult times, the path is arduous. You have been forewarned about it.

Eji Bhanne Pir Sadardin Satgur Bhirmaa;
tame cheto te chetanhaar 7

O momins! Pir Sadardeen the True Divine Guide teaches: exercise continuous vigilance o vigilant ones.

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