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Translation of Pindhat teje je kisi ghar na jaataa

Pindhat teje je kisi ghar na jaataa

Pindhat te je eh kisi ghar na jaataa 1

A pandit (religious scholar) is the one who does not go to anyone's house.

Sarve antar eh anhad maanaa 2

He enjoys all delights within his interior.

Jo jin bhaave ji tame sohi paramaanno 3

Perform only the actions liked by Him (the Lord).

Gangaa kaa jal tame kanny vakhaanno 4

Why do you praise the waters of the (physical) Ganges?

Gangaa jamnaa ji eh ulat vahi jaave 5

The (spiritual) Ganges and Yamuna flow in the reverse direction (from the naval of the body towards the forehead).

Vannjann sang maanhe vann ji man naavo 6

In the company of dealers, purify your hearts/minds through dealing.

Man karo vas ji draddh raakho vishvaas 7

Control your mind/heart and have complete trust.

Eysaa ginaan ji eh kanthi man vaaaro 8

By reciting/reflecting upon such Ginans control your minds/hearts.

Man pavan vich sukhmanna naadi 9

The sukhmanna (astral/imaginary) nerve is located between the heart and the air (breathing system).

Sohi kartav kariye jiyun aur na karannaa 10

Perform such deeds that you do not have to perform again.

Sohi Gur kariye-ji jo aur na karannaa 11

Accept such a guide that you do not have to seek another one.

Sohi jaap japi-yen jiyun aur na japannaa 12

Perform such remembrance that you do not have to perform remembrance again.

Marannaa aysaa mariye-ji jiyun aur na marannaa 13

Die such a death that you do not have to die again.

Sudhaa hokar mariye-ji fari bahodd na marannaa 14

Die after having been purified and enlightened, so that you do not have to die again.

Eh Hari bolo- ji eh Hari ke jaan 15

O knowers of Imam, say/recite Imam's name.

Har-ke charanne ji chint laavo man 16

Bring your attention and heart to the feet of the Imam.

Jenne thaki ji bhavsaagar tari-ye 17

Through which you may cross over the ocean of material existence.

Taanku japtaa ji aalas nav kari-ye 18

Do not procrastinate remembering him.

Bhanne Pir Sadardin ham bando teraa 19

Pir Sardeen teaches and supplicates: (O Lord!) I am your slave.

Sharannaagat rakho ji eh saaheb hameraa 20

O my Master! Keep me under your protection.

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