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Wednesday, 2011, February 16
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Her Highness Begum om habibeh
On February 16th, 2011 Ulrich Imming (not verified) says:

Yesterday was the 105.th birthday of her highness begum om habibeh. I met her highness in the 1970`s, because my Mother and the Begum had a concert friendship in Bayreuth; both ladys loved the music of Wagner! I remember, that her highness was so lovely and friendly to me, as a 16. years old boy with really no interesting in wagner`s music...., that I will never forget her! She was one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden of live! When my mother died, i got some wonderful photo`s from her highness together with my mother and at the birthdays of both ladys a speak a little pray for them.
God bless you all!
Ulrich Imming, Stuttgart, Germany

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