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Ginan and Farman - Necessity of Dissemination: Extracts

Ginans are written by Pirs.
Farmans are given by Pirs or by Imams
The Imam has said that Ginans and Farmans are one and the Same.
Pir has often written in Ginans that these contain renderings of the Farmans of the Imam.
Pir has often written in Ginans that these contain a summary of the Holy Quran.
Both Ginans and Farmans are to be treasured, shared, kept in our hearts and followed everyday.
Access to Ginans and Farmans are absolutely necessary in a mureed's life as this is described as the only true path to Salvation for Ismailis.
Currently, according to Mowlana Sultan Muhammad shah's Will, Imam Noor Mowlana Shah Karim is both the Imam and the Pir of all Nizari Ismailis.

Some relevant extracts and sample gists are given below. Readers are encouraged to use this as a stepping stone to find and study more ginans on the subject and to compare different translations.

Anant Akhado - Story of a Historic Mehmani presentation of written renderings of Farmans 600 years ago

Since there is a unique light of Imamat (Noor) that is passed on to the Imams, then each Imam is aware of the actions of His predecessors. There is a very famous piece of Ismaili Sacred Literature going back 600 years of which extracts are recited every day in every Jamatkhana of the Indian ismaili Tradition, and whose text is also sold in Jamatkhanas: The Anant Akhado.

This piece of widely accepted ismaili sacred literature gives the detailed account of a Mehmani submitted around 600 years ago in which a piece of literature was offered to the Imam of that Time (Islam Shah) in a Short Mehmani.

This piece of Literature was the Anant Akhado written by Hassan Kabirdin as an individual effort, it reiterated many fundamental tenets and beliefs of the Ismaili Faith and was presented as being a rendering of the Farmans of the Imam, it was written on the cloth of a turban, and the mehmani was offered by its author in the form of a turban, not of a mere cloth. In a few instants, the Imam accepted the Mehmani offering and gave it back to Hassan Kabirdin.

As a result, Hassan Kabirdin considered the gift returned for sharing among ismailis. It is afterwards that Hassan Kabirdin got the official title of Pir. Pir Hassan Kabirdin updated the text to include an account of the Mehmani event, and widely circulated his text. To date, there are many manuscripts showing that the work was copied and kept by ismailis in their homes, and to date, this text is preserved and recited daily in Jamatkhanas before the evening prayer.

Anant Akhado Extracts
Transliterated from a book available for sale at the literature counter in Jamatkhanas:

Main Text:

Aashaajee Sree Islam Shah takhat-j bettha
tyaare deen huaa rahemaan jee
seerbandh lai Gur ne mustak deedha
tyaare seer naagaa karee narjee betthaa.Haree anant...45

Oh Lord When Sree Islam Shah sat on the takhat(throne)
then mercy descended upon us
He took the Turban(from His feet) and placed it on His head
He then sat with his head uncovered
God You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nav chhugaa nee paagaj baandhee
seerbandh baandheeyo Sultaan jee
paanchso gaj nav chhugaaj huaa
huaa se puraa pareeyaann................Haree anant...48

Oh Lord He put on me the Turban of nine tussles
The Sultan (King) put it me on Himself
The nine tussles(together with the turban) constituted five hundred gajes
and the heavenly plan was completed
God You are eternal...

Aashaajee Chh maas lag-nn tap-j keedhaa
teeyaan lag-nn paagh banaay jee
gaj gaj pramaanne safaayat lakhyaa
lakhyaa te shaah-ne Farmaan.............Haree anant..211

Oh Lord During six months of Prayers and Meditation,
I made the turban
On it I inscribed the Truth inch by inch
I inscribed the Holy Farmaan
God You are eternal... 211

Aashaajee Tame hee maataa tame hee peetaa
tame hee moraa Saamee jee
seerbandh tame baandho moraa Saamee
anant-ko bhaar utthaaye.................Haree anant..499

Oh Lord You are my mother and You are my father
and You are my Lord
Wear theTurban my Lord
and lift the eternal burden from me
God You are eternal...

4th tussle:

Aashaajee Abhallaa naaree nee tame laaj rakh-jo
tame chho kanth sujaañn-jee,
Nauv chhoogaa nee paagddee laavyaa
te naaree tamaaree neervaañn............Haree anant....6

Oh Lord Retain the honour of your servant
You are the all-knowing
The turban of nine tussles has been brought (to You)
and it has been brought by your devoted servant
God You are eternal...

Ninth Tussle:

Aashaajee Nauv chhoogaa nee Shaah paag-j baandho
veenve ubhee ghar nee naar-jee,
Añnat te maanhe vañnyo hato
te deedho Hassan Shaah ne saar..........Haree anant...10

Oh Lord put on the entire Turban of nine tussles
The servant stood pleading
The eternal gist was folded inside it
The (Imam, the Lord) granted it to Hassan Shah
God You are eternal...

Our First Duty is to Obey the Farmans - this is why each Ismaili needs access to them.


Author: Satgur Nur
Source: bhg5-032 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 8

ejee pahele paallo te satguru nee vaachaa
beeje chaalo hakk ne saachaa
treeje ta(n)tav paamsho - viraabhaai paamsho...............1


Ginans are full of the divine Light (Noor). Without this Divine Light of knowledge, Jamats will perish


Author: Pir Sadardin
Source: bhg4-093 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 10

ejee geenaan bolo re neet Noore bhariyaa
evo haidde tamaare harakh na maye ji.........................1

O momins: Recite the 'Geenaans' everyday as they are full of Light.
This will generate such joy and happiness that cannot be contained in your hearts.

ejee tamboli veenaa vannase paa(n)daddaa
tem gur bhirmaa veenaa vannase jamaat ji.....................7

O momins: As the leaves rot without the care of a gardner , in the same
manner the jamaats will perish without the Prophetic Light (the Peer, the Creator).


The True Guide speaks the Words of the Divine Light, Read them.

Author: Pir Sat Gur Noor
Source: bhg1-091 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 40
Title: Jire viraa Sat panth sat-e jiliyen

Jire viraa Sat Gur Noor-e shaashtr saambharaaviyaa
tame vaanchi lejo sohi
damo dam srevo saami aapnno
to saaheb khushiyaal-j hoy 40


Read Ginan, those who do not Follow Farmans, or don't access Farmans have no path to Salvation

Author: Pir Shams
Source: bgh6-035 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 11

Eji Farmaan amaaro je na maanse,
vali nahi maanse vaat;
te tthaam kiaae nahi paamse,
nahi malse Gur-Nar ne saath 2

READ knowledge of Ginans and Farmans and Holy Books, Pir and Imam are the same.

Author: Pir Sadardin
Source: bhg5-066 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Hojire viraa jem aakaase suraj chhe,
ane chaud lokmaan prakaas;
tem ghatt ghatt saami raajo vasi rahiyo,
hun jiaan jowu tiaa paas 2

Hojire viraa Satgur saache mane sireviye,
ane saacho raakhone imaan;
Gurnu Farmaan saachun kari jaannajo,
tame vaanchi juvone ginaan 3

Hojire viraa Gur kahe Gur Nar ek chhe,
ane Gur Nar ekhi jaann;
Pir Sadardin boliyaa,
vaanchi juvone ved puraann 7

Kalam-e-Mowla says, Announce My Words to All

Kalam-e-Mowla, The Words of the First Imam, Hazrat Ali, Sung in Jamatkhanas as a Ginan - ~328 verses of knowledge for ismailis to follow.:

"Kalam-i Mawla, i.e., the sayings of Imam Ali bin Abu Talib, is a poetical work of 328 verses, composed in Hindi. It is a manual of ethics for believer, stating the virtues to be cultivated and the vices to be shunned. It is recited in the Jamatkhana. It is to be noted that its few stanzas were also presented in the court during the Aga Khan Case of 1866." Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

sab cheejku(n) ek maratabaa kaamal hae, jeesku(n) kahee-e puraa Noor;;
eelam maratabaa puraa tab hove, jab haleemeekaa upar barase Noor;
alamku(n) jo haleemee aaee, to usakaa elam huaa tamaam;
ke jo puchhe use yehee deen bataave, haleemee beenaa na hove kaam.........105

All things have a state of accomplishment which we recognise as such. Knowledge attains perfection when Light shines upon a humble scholar. When a learned man ('alim) becomes humble, his learning is completed. He answers questions(without arrogance) and teaches this religion to those who ask him. There is no success without humility.

khatam keeyaa ees kalaamku(n) sab jaaher kahe sunaayaa;
so paddo sheekho or suno sunaa-o, yu(n) maulaane hukam Farmaayaa;
chaar tareeke hay eesame(n) jaaher, jo samaje so hove kaamal;
har ek harafme(n) hay hak shanaasee, pann paave so jo hove aamal........322

I have completed these sayings(Kalaam / Words), and have announced them to all. Then read them, learn them, listen to them and announce them, this is the command (Farman) of the Lord. Four paths(Tariqas) are encompassed in it, those who understand it become perfect. Each word contains means to Divine realisation, but it is only those who follow them who attain it.


Obedience of Farmans is the only way to Salvation


12) Eji Lakh chorashi to chutiae,
Jo rahiae aapna Satguru ke Farman mahain,
Daso(n)d dije Satguru mukhe,
To vaso howe amrapuri mahain. Cheto....

12. The only way to overcome this evolvement of 84 lakh times is
by obeying Satgur's Farman, and giving Dasond to Satgur.
Verily this will ensure your place in Heaven (Amrapuri).

God the Creator obeys the Farman of the Noor Vishnu (Imam) which is the aspect of God beyond attributes

21) Eji Anat kalap aewa wahi gaya ,
Pache aaviya te char kalap tya(n)y,
Te mahaina tran kalap vartiya,
Brahmaji ne Farmane rahya tya(n)y Cheto......

21. Thus many eras (Kalaps) have passed and the four Kalaps have
passed and the four Kalaps finally prevailed,
of which three have already passed and in the
past three, Brahma was obeying Vishnu's Firman.

Obedience of Farmans leads to Prosperity and Salvation

139) Eji Have ame tamne azad kariya
Tame jao te pase sardar
Tene Farmane tame chaljo
To pamsho moksh mugat didar Cheto.....

139. Hazrat Ali said, "I release you to be with your family, but follow My
Farmans and you will achieve salvation."

143) Eji Ali te allah kari manjo
Pir te Nabi Mohammed sardar
Amare Farmane tame chaljo
To tamara vadhshe putra ne parivar Cheto....

143. Acknowledge Ali as Allah and Pir is on the same footing as the Nabi.
Thus follow our Farmans
that will ensure that you and your family will flourish.

Prophet Muhammad taught the Farmans of the Imam to the servants who then prospered.

155) Eji Satguru Nabi ji Ali ji ne Farmane dharm aalio
Teno vadhio te ridhi sidhi ne parivar
Tena balak jare opje tare
Parvat thi hethe mele saar Cheto....

155. Nabi introduced them to Satpanth according to the Farmans of Ali; they had success in their material
and spiritual worlds and their families flourished.

Farmans Lead to Salvation, Questioning (editing) Farmans is not allowed.

165) Eji Tene Farmane je jiv chalshe
Te jiv pamshe moksh didar
Chara charbat je jiv shikhashe
Te to jashe narak dwar Cheto...

165. Those Momins who will obey Imam's Farmans will achieve Noorani Didar.
Those who will question the
Farmans and think themselves cleverer will not achieve salvation.

192) Eji Aevoo janine chaljo rikhisaro
Aagal chhe dohela paar
Te satguru saheb jugajuge aaviya
Teni vaani thi saho koie otarya paar Cheto....

192. Beware Momins, the path ahead of you is difficult but Satguru has
come in each era to guide you, so listen to His Word / Farman if you want salvation.

193) Eji Anant kalap aage vahi gaya
Bija jug non nahi koie shomar
Te mahain je jiv satgur Farmane chaliya
Te jaie pota svarag duar Cheto....

193. Countless eras have passed and I have no words to describe the second
Joog, but those who obeyed
Farmans they have achieved salvation.

Farmans of Pir and of Imam

195) Eji Aad nirinjan Ali kahiae
Satguru brahma Nabi Mohammad no avtar
Tene Farmane je jiv chalshe
Te jiv otarshe pele paar Cheto....

195. The present Lord is Ali and Muhammed is His messenger, just as Brahma
was to Niranjan. So obey their Farmans to achieve salvation.

360) Eji Satguruna vayke te sudha chaljo
Dejo satgur mukhe dasond no aohar
Chaliso te pir mukhe aapjo
Ane karjo te sukrit aapar Cheto..

360. If you remain true to Pir's words, pay Dasond from your earnings
and the one- fortieth of your earning should go to the Pir.

Hazar Imam is the current manifestation of Noor of Allah

362) Eji Tene hajar jomo dekhariyo
Shah kasim no avtar
Aene te allah karine manjo
Tema shak ma aanjo lagaar

362. Thus Pir introduced the townsfolk to Hazar Imam, Shah Qasim Shah, and
taught them to accept Him as Allah and not to doubt that..

Farmans are to be obeyed, Pir obeys Imam

396) Eji Tare Farman laine satgur ji chaliya
Tene vani kidhi is jug minjar
Teto Farmani banda Sri Islamshah tana
Tene chatris karor bodhiya duniya minjar Cheto....

396. Upon His Farman Pir came to you in this present era - for Shri Islam
Shah's Farman is command -
and 36 Karor souls were shown the right path by Pir.

399) Eji Je satgur no tame dharm lidho
Te satgur ni vaninoon karjo vichar
Te satgur ne ame aek chaiye
Aapana sahona mowla che sirjanhaar Cheto...

399. The Satgur from whom you have learnt about this religion, pay heed to
what he has to say and I am none
other than that Satgur and verily our Lord is the maintainer of all beings.

400) Eji Je narni sreva ame tam ne batavi
Je chhe amaro tamaor sirjanhaar
Te nar naklanki Sri Islamshah
Tenoon thank che aerak khand minjar Cheto....

400. The Lord whose service that I have shown you is the maintainer of all
beings and He is Shri Islam Shah, who now resides in Iraq .

401) Eji Aere aasan narji tana
Ane satgur ji betha te jampu dip minjar
Tene Farmane chaljo momino
Haq kamai karjo saar Cheto....

401. Momins, sit in His prayers and I have dedicated my life in India in
His prayer; follow His Farmans and earn an honest living.

On Prophet Muhammad's Night of Enlightenment, it was Ali, the Imam who spoke to Him, The Imam's words are referred as a Farman, and they contained instructions for the Prophet to follow. Divinity of Imam is reaffirmed. The Prophet obeyed the Farman.

101) Eji Nabi Mohammed sat brahma kahiae
Tena farzand bibi Fatima saar
Tare Nabi Mohammed chinta upani
Aeno kon te thashe bharthar Cheto.....

101. Nabi Muhammed is the right Brahma and his daughter is Bibi Fatima.
This worried the Prophet - who would marry his daughter?

102) Eji Nabi Mohammed ne shahe maeraj te raviaa
Tyan dithi te kudrat aapar
Tare Farman aaviyo Ali janab thi
Tame chinta ma karo lagaar Cheto....

102. When Prophet was called on (experienced) Meraj, he saw many wonderful
things and Hazrat Ali made a Farman to him not to worry.

103) Eji Tam ghar farzand bibi Fatima
Teno am pase che bharthar
Te kul tamari mahain avtariya
Te Abu Talib ne gher avtar Cheto....

103. I have chosen a husband for your daughter, Bibi Fatima, who has come
to you through Abu Talib's lineage.

104) Eji Te roop amaroon jaanjo
Te Mowla Murtaza Ali avtar
Ali allah aek kari jaanjo
Te mahain shak ma aanjo lagaar Cheto....

104. Know My form, for though I am manifest in Murtaza Ali, I am the
Creator and do not doubt that.

105) Eji Jyare aevo Farman aaviyo hazar thi
Tare Nabi Mohammed ne aaviyo aetbaar
Tyan dithi kudrat kadar tani
Boliya Nabi Mohammed teni var Cheto.....

105. When the Prophet heard this at Meraj, he gained faith and he saw
awe-inspiring things.

106) Eji Tare araj kidhi Ali janab ma
Tame sambaro parvardigar
Ali allah aek farmaviya
Teno te koon karshe aetbaar Cheto....

106. He requested Hazrat Ali saying, "How will I convince my fellow human
beings that you are God Manifest?"

107) Eji Tare dargah mathi Farman aaviyo
Tame sambaro Mohammed mora piyar
Tam ghar farzand bibi Fatima
Teno Ali che bharthar Cheto.....

107. The Farman from the Heaven to the Prophet was: "O My beloved Prophet,
marry your daughter to Hazrat Ali."

108) Eji Tam ghar farzand nar che
Am ghar farzand the bharthar
Tame Mohammed ame jallshanho
Aapan donoon no ay che vahevar Cheto.....

108. You have a daughter and I have the husband for her. You are Muhammed
and I am "Jal Shahnur"(Creator). Together we will carry on the mission.

109) Eji Jyare ae farzand mota thashe
Tyare karshoon te duniaanoon aachar
Ame tame donoon aek chiae
Tenoon koie na karsho vichar Cheto......

109. When your daughter will grow older I will create the circumstance for
her to marry Ali for indeed you are
from My Noor, so don't worry about the future.

110) Eji Bibi Fatima voravajo
Te Hazrat Ali gher nar
Tene tame tyan aaljo
Dejo dej mahain khawja char Cheto.....

110. Marry Bibi Fatima to Hazrat Ali in the dowry give her four servants.

111) Eji Te khawja raheshe hazoor main
Te upare bibi Fatima dharshe piyar
Teni dua ae tito vijshe
Tena thashe baho parivar Cheto....

111. These servants will stay with her and will respect and love Bibi
Fatima and she will love them. These
servants will be regular in their prayers and their families will be happy.

112) Eji Teto manshe Mowla Ali ne
Seva karshe dhari baho pujar
Teno allah te ali kahiae
Je koie aanshe itbaar Cheto....

112. They will also believe in Hazrat Ali and will serve Him with love and
will acknowledge Ali as Allah.

113) Eji Ali allah je koie manshe
Teno pir te Nabi Mohammed avtar
Je nabi jini aal mahain thi upajshe
Te pir musalle saar Cheto....

113. Those who will acknowledge Ali as Allah, they are indeed equivalent
to Pir and Nabi, and one can call them as from Nabi.

114) Eji Aal alijini sahi kari manshe
Je thashe te khawja no parwar
Sache sidake te chalshe
Ali Mohammed ni aal upar rakhshe piyar Cheto....

114. Momins, believe Ali's progeny to be true and those who will do this
will get the benefit as those servants did. They will also be guided to
the right path if they will love Ali and Muhammed.

115) Eji Tena iman ame rakhshoon
Jyare vartse kaljug kalikar
Tene potana kari rakhshoon
Aagal mahadan mahain utarsoon paar Cheto.....

115. We will believe with true Iman/Faith in Ali, especially in this present
material world (Kaljoog); we will also
consider Him as our own so that He will be our cause for salvation. (This
is what the servants will pledge.)

116) Eji Tare Nabi Mohammed boliya
Tame sambaro parvardigaar
Tamare Farmane ame chalsoon
Tame mehar karo sirjan haar Cheto.....

116. Nabi then replied, "O My Lord, I will obey Your Farman, please be
Merciful on me."


When Imam makes a Farman, even if it is hard to follow, even Pir follows it. In this case, Pir had many difficulties in fulfilling this task including fasting for 7 days.

Title: Farman kari Nar-ji boliyaa
Author: Pir Shams
Source: bhg3-022 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 27

Eji Farman kari Nar-ji boliyaa
tame saambharo Pir Shams vaat;
tame jaavo aaj jamaat maa,
ane parkho teunaa imaan 1

Eji Taare Pir Shams boliyaa,
Shaah ji saambharo mori vaat;
tame je Farmaavo te maangiye,
te mang-sun gat jamaat paas 2

Eji Pir Shams to tasbhi lai betthaa,
saaheb raakh-jo hamaari laaj;
saat divas no rojo raakhio,
ane koi na aave Pir ne paas 9

When a Talika is received, it is called a written Farman. A prayer is sung for the Imam to bestow an audience in person.


Author: Pir Hassan Kabirdin
Source: bhg4-053 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 7

ejee saahebe Farmaan lakhee mokalyaa
sunno maaraa nar haree re ya alee
sevak sa(m)bhaaryaa vaale aaj
man maa(n)he mayaa dharee re ya ali..........................1

O momins! The Master(Imaam) has sent the Commandments
(Farmaans) having written them. O my beloved momins! listen to me,
He is indeed the Master, the Lord Oh Ali. The Beloved Master
has remembered His servants today with utmost mercy and
affection in His heart Oh Ali.

ejee charann te aapnnaa bhettaaddjo
sunno maaraa nar haree re ya alee
nazar karo moraa shaam
akheeyu(n) amee bharee re ya alee............................4

O our Lord! Let us embrace your feet. O my momins, listen
(and pray to Him) for He is indeed the Master, the Lord Oh Ali.
O our Lord! Look at us (compassionately) for Your eyes are filled
with the water of mercy, Oh Ali.


Imam's words are precious, He is the supreme authority, The Followers obey His every command.

Title: Shaam kun aavanta jo kahe
Author: Pir Sadardin
Source: bhg4-071 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 5

ejee swaamee ke gale me(n) haar hay - heeraa maannek jaddeeyaa
jeesare bhaave taaku(n) det hay - saaheb hay deel dariyaa....2

Around the Master's neck there is a necklace, set with diamonds and jewels. He gives to whom he pleases, for the Lord is infinitely generous.
There is a necklace worn by the Imaam where in diamonds and gems are studded.(expression of heavenly and invaluable treasure of wisdom and knowledge at the disposal of the Imaam). He gratifies (guides) whom He likes (since) the Imaam is ocean heartedly generous.

ejee swaamee maaro chatur sujaann hay - aape sreshtth divaan
jeesa ke bharose sthir rahyaa - rahyaa jameen aasmaan........3

My Master is knowing and wise, and his is the supreme authority. He who abides firmly trusting in him has the earth and the sky at his feet.
My Lord(Imaam) is All Intelligent and All Knowing, He is the one who is to judge and take account of your deeds. By His support and guidance, a devotee attains control over the earth and the heavens.

ejee jaa(n)thakee hee jug jeet hay - ma(n)y hu(n) baa(n)dee re taakee
vachane vachane paau(n) bharu - cha(n)daa suraj saakhee......4

So long as this world endures, I am his handmaiden. I humbly obey his every command, the moon and the sun be my witness.
I am a slave of the one by whose cause the entire universe is alive and active. I place my footsteps according to His guidances, the sun and the moon bear witness to this fact.


Follow Farmans to see the light of the Imam

BUJ NIRA(N)JAN BY PEER SADARDEEN: 297 verses in 33 parts

piyaa darashan kaho kaese paaee-e
taj maayaa or gurse jaaee-e.......................................1

How can you achieve your Beloved's Vision(darshan)? Leave this illusory existence(attachments) and proceed along with the Guide.

ehee karo jo(je) gur Farmaave
taa the darashan piyaa ke(kaa) paave..............................2

Act according to the Farmaans of the Guide, then you will attain the Vision/Light of the Beloved.


Remember Farman

Title: Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: maheemaa amaaro raakhjo
ane vachan amaaraa sheer chaddaay
te to paa(n)ch hatyaa thee chhuttse
te amaaraa vachan ne partaape..................191

The True Guide says: Always keep our dignity and respect and keep our Spoken Farmans in your heads(minds). One will be freed from the five evil vices through remembrance and obedience to our Spoken Farmans.

Satgur kahere: gat gangaa ne ame trann vachan kahyaa
ane Farmaan bolyaa teh
jyaare Farmaan amaaru sheer chaddaaveeyu
tyaare ame elam maa(n)he aalee saa(n)kh re.....205

The True Guide says: We have given three promises to the Jamaat (referring to three times prayer), and we have made Farmaans there in. When a momin has internalised the Farmaan in his/her head(mind), then we give him/her the Link in (Divine) knowledge(Ginaans).


Consequence of disobeying a Farman

Title: Allah ek khasam sab kaa
Author: Pir Sadardin
Source: bhg4-080 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 17

ejee jumale feerashte sujeedaa keeyaa, aadam sujeedaa leeyaa
ajaajeele Farmaan na maanyaa, so lekhaa radaj keeyaa

All the angels prostrated and Adam accepted their prostrations. Azazil did not obey
or follow the Farmaan and therefore annulled all his earnings completely.


Believe in Farmans and Read Ginans

Title: Hojire vira haajar Gur Nar jaann-jo
Author: Pir Sadardin
Source: bhg5-066 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 7

hojeere veeraa satgur saache mane seereveeye,
ane saacho raakhone imaan;
gurnu(n) Farmaan saachu(n) karee jaannajo,
tame vaa(n)chee juvone geenaan....3

O dear ones, worship(serve) the True Guide with true heart and keep true faith. Regard the command of the Guide (Farmaan) as the truth and read and reflect upon the geenaan(contemplative wisdom and knowledge of the Guide).


Salvation through Farmans:

Title: Sat panth sat nu mukkh chhe
Author: Hassan Kabirdin
Source: bhg4-037 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 16

ejee Farmaan maano to feraa ttallo,
peershaah kahetaa utareeye pele paar
tame sate amaraapuree paamsho
sahee jaannjo neerdhaar.....................................13

Follow the Farmaans so that you may overcome (the bondages of)
the (repeated) cycles of rebirths. Through the guidance of the
Guide and the Master, one crosses over the limits of material
existence. Through the adherance to the Truth you will attain
paradise. Know this as the truth for certain.


Title: Nito nit ghat pujo kiji ye - jodilo - 2
Author: Pir Shams
Source: bgh6-034 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 12

Eji Farmaan amaaraa jo maanso,
to paamso amraapuri vaas;
anat sukh tiyaa paamso,
to paamso Nar jine haath 11


Read Ginans, follow Farmans, consequence of not following.

Title: Sat -ne maarge chaaliye - jodilo - 3
Author: Pir Shams
Source: bgh6-035 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 11

Eji Sat ne maarge chaalie,
to bhed paamie saar;
Gurnaa ginaanj vaanchie,
samje thi utarie paar 1

Eji Farmaan amaaro je na maanse,
vali nahi maanse vaat;
te tthaam kiaae nahi paamse,
nahi malse Gur-Nar ne saath 2

Eji Vann samjiaa te pathar sarikhaa,
tesun na karvi haiaa kutt soy;
je Satgur vachane chaale nahi,
te kem kari amar hoy 3

Eji Ginaan vachan chhe amtannaa,
jenne ridaa maanhe raakheaa saar;
te bhagat amaaraa jaannjo,
te ginaani utare paar 7


Title: Eji Farmaan Ilaahi Jabraail kun
Author: Sayyed Imaam Shaah
Source: bhg4-055 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay , Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 41

Eji Farmaan Ilaahi Jabraail kun,
baawaa Nabi se amar lahendaa ji 1

Eji Aal Imaam ne Pir musale,
baawaa Nabi se barhak sidaa-i ji 2

Eji Chashme shanaakhat dilbi muhobat,
baawaa jibhiyaa chalaavant yaari e-ji 3

Eji Tenaa ghar bhitar saaheb raajo bharpur bethaa,
saanhiyaa donu thaam savaariyaa e-ji 4

Eji Akal khole jaakun Farmaan haajar,
haajar din-ki raahaa rachindaa e-ji 5

Eji Aavo rikhisar kario sakhaavat,
tame sat ma chhoddo moraa bhaai e-ji 6

Eji Jenne sarjiyaa taakun srevo,
tame dhiyaavo to dharam vichaaro e-ji 7

Eji Jeni saachi sukhrit hui fal leshe,
baawaa Farmaan ne pach rahevaa e-ji 8

Eji Jenne het prit duniyaa dil laaynnaa
tin kun Shaah Pir Gur nahi maliaa e-ji 9


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