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Prince Aga Khan visits the Mosque of the Umayyads-2001-11-04

Sunday, 2001, November 4

Prince Karim Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the world's Ismaili Muslims currently visiting Syria - visited the Grand Mosque of Damascus and the Mosque of the Umayyads today, where he was welcomed in particular by the Minister of Wakfs (Islamic goods).

Prince Aga Khan visited the different parts of the Mosque and came to know its history and the recent restoration work done in the Mosque, on recommendation of the [former?] President Hafez al-Assad.

Prince Karim is the head of important cultural institutions, the Aga Khan Institutions, that are concerned with cultural, social and economic development issues.

Shaikh Ahmad Keftaro, Mufti of the Republic, received Prince Aga Khan and discussed questions related to the current situation in the world, insisting on the tolerance of Islam that calls for peace, cohesion and coexistence among all peoples of the world.

Prince Karim Aga Khan, who arrived on Friday at Damascus for several days' visit, was received yesterday by the President Bashar al-Assad who discussed with him the projects that the Aga Khan Institution plans to implement in Syria, as well as a number of current political questions, notably the efforts that Islamic countries have to make to refute the accusations of terrorism associated with Islam.

The Aga Khan also met with a number of Syrian leaders including M. Mohammad Moustapha Miro, President of the Council of Ministers, MM. Mohammad Naji Itri and Khaled Raad, Vice Presidents of the Council of Ministers for Services and Economics respectively, and the Ministers of the Economy, External Trade, Health, and State Minister for Foreign Affairs, and for the Affairs of the Council of Ministers, with whom he examined the investment projects planed for Syria by the Aga Khan Institutions in cultural and economic domains.

During his visit, Prince Karim will present the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in a grand ceremony that will take place at the Citadel of Aleppo to be hosted by President Bashar al-Assad.

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