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How do I record audio to submit to you?


There are many ways - here is one suggestion:

- To get the software go to http://www.goldwave.com/release.php
- From download links, download one of the versions of goldwave and install.
- From optional download section, get the lame mp3 encoder and Copy the lame_enc.dll file into the folder where GoldWave is installed
- Start goldwave, click on new, select the CD quality preset, and 00:05:00 for the duration.
- To record, press the red circle, to stop, press the square.
- Make sure your recording does not look too loud or too soft, the amplitude should stay around 0.6.
- To save, choose the mp3 format,(11KHz, 22Khz or 44KHz are the only frequencies we are able to accept)
- Send the resulting recording to heritage@ismaili.net

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