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Utar Kha(n)dd Maa(n)he Shah Nee - Translation



eji utar kha(n)dd maa(n)he shaah nee jot jaagevaa,
shaah naa purakh meele parketaa ho jirebhaai..................1

O momins: When the Lord's light shines in the north continent,
then complete recognition(and understanding) of the Lord is
attained O dear brother.

[This is alluding to the first spiritual experience a momin gets
by observing a certain method of meditation. This is the region
of the forehead between the two eye brows called 'bhamar goofaa'
(which is alluded to as the northern continent). It is only by this experience
that one has the real understanding of the Lord and Islam.]

eji paranne pruthveenu(n) mawlaa kaayaam saamee,
shaah naa lagan mahaadan levaa - ho jire bhaai................2

O momins: The Everliving Lord marries (rules) the universe (by virtue of the
Light) and this marriage lasts until the Great Day(of judgement)..O dear brother.

[By virtue of this spiritual experience a momin becomes married to the Lord
and is then blessed with permanent protection and provision from the Lord.]

eji maahaare lagan shaahnaa punam cha(n)ddhr,
shaah nee utar kha(n)dd maa(n)he jot jaagevaa ho jire bhaai...3

O momins: This great day(or occasion) of the Lord's wedding shines like the
full moon when the Light of the Lord shines in the north continent O dear brother.

[This experience is so obvious (vivid) to the soul (as the presence of the
full moon at night) that there is no doubt about the authenticity or the veracity
of this experience and hence establishes permanent faith in the Lord.]

eji jaago jaagore gur maarag chalannaa,
tame saachaa ne sachaa yaaraa ho jire bhaai...................4

O momins: Wake up, wake up (from the sleep of ignorance) and walk along
the Guide's path. Be a true friend to the True (Guide) O dear brother.

eji unnee-aachaaree kal maa(n)he ochheru chaale,
saaheb te paapee ne parharee-aa hojire bhaaire................5

O momins: The lowly (sinful) ones walk in this age imperfectly (in ignorance and sin).
The Lord will punish all such sinners O dear brother.

eji parnee(n)daa gaaree ne aveechaaree,
bhaai taasu sa(n)gat na kareeye - hojire bhaai................6

O momins: Do not make any companionship with anyone who indulges in backbiting
and slandering others and is thoughtless O dear brother.

eji gur deevore peer aapnnu jee,
jenne dharam maarag deekhlaayaa- hojire bhaai.................7

O momins: Regard the lighted lamp of the Peer (True Guide) as your own,
He is the one who showed you the Path of Religion(truth) O dear brother.

eji deekhlaayaa re ham so saaheb paayaa,
shaah ne moteedde chok puraayaa hojire bhaai..................8

O momins: By having the experience of the Spiritual Vision,
we have attained the Lord whom we have welcomed with a
complete marriage ritual(chok puraayaa) OR decoration.

[chok: In India it is a custom that when an important guest comes home
you decorate the floor in the front of the house with rice, kanku and other
colouring matters in the form of the swastika. When highly honoured
guests come one uses pearls instead of rice.]

[In this verse chok puraayaa implies perfection of your duties (both material and spiritual.]

eji pop parmal agar kasturee
shaah ne ameenaa chhaa(n)ttann huaa hojire bhaai re......... 9

pop - flower parmal - fragrance agar - aloe wood
kasturee - musk

O momins: This gracious and happy occassion was fragranced by flowers,
aloe wood and musk(alluding to the heavenly nature of the experience).
The Lord was sprinkled with holy water O dear brother.

eji sat raakheeyore raajaa pahelaaj,
jenaa tha(m)bh kuttee ne saaree yaa kaaj hojire bhaai re.....10

O momins: King Pahelaaj maintained the truth and the Lord burst out of the
pillar which imprisoned him and thus liberated him O dear brother

eji sat raakheeyo re taaraa raannee locha naa,
sat raakheeyo hareescha(n)dra raajaa ho jire bhaai...........11

O momins: Queen Taaraaraani maintained the truth of vision (purity of sight)
and King Hareeshchandra maintained it O dear brother

eji sat raakheeyo re paa(n)che paa(n)ddve,
sat raakheeyo maataa ku(n)taa - hojire bhaai.................12

O momins: The five Paandvas maintained the truth and so did their mother Kuntaa.

eji sat raakheeyo re surjaa sut kamlaa,
sat raakheeyo surjaade raannee- hojire bhaai.................13

O momins: The truth was maintained by Surjaa Sut Kamlaa and
it was maintained by Surjaa de Raanni.

eji be pakhe puraa ne chaare pakhe neermalaa,
te sachaa moman sachaa yaaraa hojire bhaai...................14

O momins: If the two sides (wings) are complete (perfect) and the four
sides are pure then the momin is indeed true and is a true friend (of the Guide).

The perfection of the two sides refers to the fulfilment of material and spiritual
responsibilities in life. The purity of the four sides refers to the perfection of the
four virtues, viz a viz, truth, patience, faith and rememberance of the Lord.

eji bhanne peer sadardeen sunno gateeyu moman no,
shaah su raakho het haree-aa laa-hojire bhaai re.............15

O momins: Peer Sadardeen teaches: "Hear you momins of the congregation (jamaat),
maintain the freshness of the love and devotion for the Lord always O dear brother.

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