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Tajio Sang Ku Sangia - Translation



tajio sang ku sangia, bhaai chhodio sang kusangare

Give up friendships or relations(of any kind) with those who have bad temperament
or those who are bad(the prefix 'ku' indicates negative).

eji tajore tetaa taat ne, je hari gunn na gayare
potaanaa prapanch pakhve, ane aape tatbar thaay re..tajio.....1

Give up your father(taat), if he does not sing the praises of the Lord; he praises
himself and boasts about himself, and is egoistic.

eji aage juone pahelaaj hotaa, tene taat tajio tat kaall re
thambh mahethi narsang pragatiyaa
tene sambhaariaa pure vis vaas re.....................tajio...2

Long ago there lived a personality called Pahelaaj, who gave up his own
father there and then(tat kaar); from the pillar (thambh) emerged Narsinh, who
came to the help of Pahelaaj who had remembered Him in full faith.


There once lived a great 'sant', saintly personality called Harnaakans. To reward
his "bandagi", the Lord asked him as to what he wanted. And he responded by
saying: "I should not be killed during the day or night, neither on this earth nor in
water and without the infliction of any weapon". In other words he wanted to stay
in this world as an immortal being. To fulfil his promises, the Lord bestowed upon him
as per his request. Realising that he was beyond death, he began to misuse his power.

He had a son, who fortunately was very pious and religious. Right from very young
age and notwithstanding his father's warning, he always said that he is going to pray
to Allah. Harnaakans was furious with his son, and therefore decided to extinguish his Imaan.

He built an iron pillar and made it red hot and told his son that if you really have faith in
him, than embrace this pillar and let me see if your Lord is going to help you. Pahelaaj was
about 8 years old then, and naturally he got frightened. However, to help him, the Lord sent
an ant which was moving over this pillar. When Pahelaaj saw this, he thought that if an ant
can move on the red hot pillar, why not me? And therefore he embraced the pillar. As soon
as he did it, the pillar burst open and 'Narsinh'(a manifestation of the Lord , half human and
half lion) burst out. He took Harnaakans(it was at dawn or dusk at that moment and therefore
it was neither day nor night) and lifted him off the ground(therefore it was not on earth or in water)
and tore him apart with his claws(and therefore he did not use any weapon). Thus ended the life
of this 'daint', demon Harnaakans.

eji tajore tetaa maat ne, jene haree bhagtisu nahi pyaar re
potaanaa prapanch pakhve, ane putraani na kare sambhaar re

Give up your mother, if she does not have love for the worship of the Lord, she is self conceited,
and does not take care of her son.

eji aage juone bharthaj hotaa, tene maat taji tat kaall re
tene raam kaaran raaj chhodiyaa, dhan dhan teno avtaar..tajio.4

Once upon a time there was Bharthaj, who gave up his mother since she did not establish any
relationship between Sri Raam and Bharat. For the sake of Raam, he gave up the rulership
and his life was blessed with happiness.

eji tajore tetaa bhaaine, jene hari bhagti saathe nahi van re
tene sonu shu paheriye, jene sone tute kaan re..tajio.........5

Give up such a brother, who does not have the right 'colour', i.e., the love for worship and religion.
He wears gold earings which ultimately break the ears with their weight( gold means worldly pleasures
and attachments which ultimately destroy the soul).

eji aage juone Bhabhikshan hotaa, tene bhaai tajio tat kaall re
tene charan sreviyaa ragu raae naa, te odhaariyaa teni vaar re

In the past, there lived a person called Bhabhikshan, who gave up his brother(Raavan); he served
at the feet of ragu raae(Sri Raam?) and became liberated under His protection and assistance.

eji tajio tetaa naari ne, jene hari bhagtisu nahi rangare
jene kanth tanaa vachan-j lupiyaa, pun te pindh tanaa bhangare

Give up such a wife, who does not have any colours(desires,praises) for the worship of the Lord;
she is the one who breaks the vow to her husband and therefore is not loyal, and due
to her bodily lust is unfaithful.

eji aage juone sarvan hotaa, tene naari taji tat kaar re
tene maat pitaane vaikunth mokalyaa
tenaa tariyaa sarve janjaar re......................tajio.....8

If you consider the past, you will realise that there was a person called Sarvan
who left his wife. He sent his mother and father to paradise and therefore all his
worldly bondages were broken.

eji aage juone rukhpati hotaa, te naari chhoddi chaalyaa van re
tene ahaar kartaa karsan dev ollakhyaa, avtaar teno dhan re

There lived some wives of the rushies, who gave up their husbands and left for the jungle.
They attained the Vision of Lord Krishnaa and such was their exalted birth.

eji ek paaddosi naa lakhsan bhundhaa, je kuddaa chaddave aarare
tene harve harve chhandiye, jem sarovar chhande pahaadd re

If the neighbour has a bad character, and has an evil influence upon you, slowly and
gradually leave him/her in a manner of waters of the ocean coming to the shore
and then receding back.

eji ek paaddosi naa lakshan bhundhaa, jeno haiddo nahi nirmal
te ginaan saathe tad badde, jem gar hare suvan re....tajio...11

If one's neighbour has a bad character and if he has an unclean heart; talking about
knowledge of religion will bring arguments only, just as a dog barking at anything.

eji peer sadardeen boliyaa venanti,
mara momanbhaai tame rahejo hushiyaar
aa kasannee vinaa koi na seedhaa
tame kem utarso pahele paar re........................tajio..12

Peer Sadardeen pleads in the form of 'venanti'(supplication)
O my momin brothers, be alert. Without any test or trial nobody has achieved the goal.
Don't expect to cross the material limits without it.

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