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Taariye Tun Taranhaar - Translation D


Pir Sadardeen
O Lord! Thou art the Saviour.
And none else can save us but Thee:
O Ali, O Ali ...1

Thou created in a moment,
Sun, moon and the earth, when there was nothing:
O Ali, O Ali ...2

O momins! Neither father nor mother will come with you,
At the time of death:
O Ali, O Ali ...3

O momins! Neither daughter nor son will come with you,
No man can be saved by the things of this world:
O Ali, O Ali ...4

O momins! All-Powerful Master will reward,
Of your good deeds:
O Ali, O Ali ...5

O momins! Lord Ali will ride 'Duldul'
Saddle fixed with jewels:
O Ali, O Ali ...6

Says Pir Sadardeen, I come to Thee for protection, O Lord!
For there is no salvation without Hazir Imam:
O Ali, O Ali ...7

Heritage Society Collection

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