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Taariye Tun Taranhaar - Translation C



Pir Sadardeen

Save me, O my Saviour Lord,

No one else but You can save me,

Ali You, only You ...1

In a moment were made the universe and the suns

There be no more emptiness,

Ali You, only You ...2

Whose mother and whose father?

The soul has no companion,

Ali You, only You ...3

Whose daughter and whose son?

The worldy affection brings no salvation,

Ali You, only You ...4

The Lord of the truthful is able Master.

Offers given only to His (Hazir Imam's) hand

can bear fruits (reward).

Ali You, only You ...5

The rightful Master will mount the horse Duldul

With jewels embedded into its saddle,

Ali You, only You ...6

Pir Sadardeen says, "O Lord I am under your protection.

There is no salvation without You, O Lord!"

Ali You, only You ...7

Heritage Society Collection

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