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Taariye Tun Taranhaar - Translation A



taariye tu taaranhaar khudaava(n)d
avar na taare dujaa koi alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee...........1

O God, save us because only You are the saviour. Nobody else besides You can save, O Ali! only You are.

khann me keenaa ravee ras bhaannaa
dhandhukaar na hoe alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee................2

In a moment You created the sun and the solar system. There is no more void or darkness, O Ali! only You are.

ejee maai keeseekee ne baap keeseekaa
jeevdde sa(n)g na koi alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee........3

Whose mother and whose father. (At the time of death) nobody will accompany you, O Ali! only You are.

ejee dheea kiseekee ne putra kiseekaa
maayaa mokh na hoe alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee...........4

Whose daughter and whose son. Attachment to the illusory world will not yield salvation, O Ali! only You are.

ejee sachejo samarath aago saamee
hathe dinu fal sohee alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee.........5

The Lord will reward the fruits of the true deeds. These will indeed be for those(charities) that were given by their own hands, O Ali! only You are.

ejee dul dul ghodde sacho saamee raajo chaddshe
paagdde ratan jaddaae alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee........6

The Majesty and the True Lord will ride the horse 'Dul dul'. His turban will be studded with precious stones, O Ali! only You are.

bhanne peer sadardeen saaheb tere sharanne
mawlaa binaa mokh na hoe alee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee tu(n)hee..........7

Peer Sadardeen teaches: O Lord I have come under Your protection for without Mawlaa(the True Guide) salvation cannot be attained, O Ali! only You are.

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