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Navroz Naa Deen Sohaamnaa - Translation B


Sayyed Fateh Ali

O believers! On the magnificent day of Nazroz, the perpetual Lord Ali had gone to the woods for hunting. (Knowing this, I, his servant, plunged into sadness and (my) soul was longing to be at the feet of the Lord Ali. ...1

Having linked the thought with the manifest Lord by devotion; I went to the woods because of the affectionate wish of the Lord. I looked the Lord in the beautiful woods as if the angels had put their very hearts in it. ...2

It was goodness that the Lord enlightened a good sense (in mind) and (consequently) went to the woods for hunting with manifest Ali. My intense desire was fulfilled, and found a way into the heart of the Lord. ...3

I love the Lord Ali with (utmost) joy who has conferred eternal bliss. I have tied (my) thought with the perpetual Lord as if found real treasure of pearls. ...4

I enjoyed a trip with the Lord and was bestowed with material and spiritual achievements. One who listens to Holy Ginans attentively, will find a way to their goal. ...5

When the self visualizes reality, it becomes beautiful like a flower and fragrant like aloe-wood. In the (spiritual) lake, the self swims in ecstacy of love. ...6

At the sparrow shaped fortress (i.e. the fort of Mehallet), Imam Shah Khalilullah II was enjoying his stay, was kind enough to summon (me) Fateh Ali. My intense desire was fulfilled. The Lord Ali as usual showed His divine glory. ...7

O believers! Adore (the Lord) with devotion. Says (Sayyed Fateh Ali) Shamsi: Listen, O believers: He who does not avoid the greatness of the Lord, his self will never be grieved. ...8

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