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Navroz Naa Deen Sohaamnaa - Translation A


ejee navaroj naa din sohaamannaa
sree hari kaayaam shikaar ramavaa gayaa
sevak naa man thayaa udaasi, paraan hari charanne raheaa.....1

On the lovely day of the New Year, the noble ever-living Lord went to the forest to hunt. The heart of his servant was saddened, but his soul remained at His feet.

ejee sree kaayam prite jo chit baa(n)dhi
nar ne prite ame van gayaa
evaa van sohaamannaa shree saaheb ditthaa,
delaa dai devataa raheaa.....................................2

With my mind fixed upon my love for the Lord of the Resurrection, I went to the forest in my love for the Lord. In the lovely forest I beheld the Lord, who ever divinely bestows audience.

ejee bhalu(n) thayu(n) saahebe sumat aali
shree hari kaayam saathe ramavaa ame van gayaa
anat aashaa puri hamaari, dev dil bhaave gameaa..............3

How good it was to recieve my Lord's good counsel. I went to the forest to wander with the Lord of the Resurrection. My hopes untold were all fulfilled, and the Lord delighted my heart.

ejee hete hari su(n) hirakh baa(n)dho
avichal ra(n)g saaheb se giraheaa
evi chi(n)t baa(n)dhi nar kaayam saathe
sat bha(n)ddaar motie bhareaa................................4

In love I was attached to the Lord in rapture, and I gained enduring delight from the Master. With my mind thus fixed on the ever-living Lord, the treasury of truth was filled with pearls.

ejee ame saaheb saathe sael kidhaa
ridh sidhaj paameaa
ekaman ginaan je saa(m)bhale, aa jiv tenaa udhareaa..........5

I journeyed with the Lord, and gained real prosperity and success. The souls of those who listen to the teaching with full attention are saved.

ejee jeev jaare jugat paame
paraann pope ram raheaa
agar cha(n)dan parem raseaa, hete ha(n)s sarovar jhileaa.....6

When the soul finds the Way, life blooms like a flower. Mingled with adoration, it becomes fragrant as aloe or sandal. With love the swam swims on the lake.

ejee gaddh chakavaane kile shaahaa khalilaa rame
tiaa(n) phate ali ne mayaa karine bolaaveaa
anat aashaa puri hamaari, nit hari nure utthaa...............7

When Shah Khalilullah went to inspect the fortress, he graciously summoned Fateh Ali there. My hopes untold were fulfilled, and the Lord appeared in light for ever.

ejee bhaai re moman tame bhaave aaraadho
bhanne shamasi tame saa(m)bhalo rukhi
saaheb naa gunn nahinn visaare,
tenaa paraan nahi(n) thaashe dukhi...........................8

O brother believer, worship him with feeling. The follower of Pir Shams says: listen, O believer. Those who do not forget the virtues of the Master will not be grieved in heart.

Translation taken from Zawahir Moir's Ismaili Hymns.

Zawahir Moir's Ismaili Hymns

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