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Moman Man Em Jaannajo - Translation B

Pir Hassanshah
O momin bear this in mind.
Be not proud of your body. ...1

Profound obscurity prevaileth in the interior of it.
Give up all vanity. ...2

Many a thought prevaileth side by side. They distract your attention from the Lord. ...3

Bear in mind the directions pointed by the Gur.
So that you may escape (the sufferings of) the four Khans.
(These are: Sitej, Jeraj, Indej, Udbhoj.
There is a fifth one too called Hetej
in which one does not suffer). ...4

Act in accordance with knowledge (comprehensive of knowledge)
and keep your mind absorbed in the Lord. ...5

My Lord is the Manifest God as much as
if the sun hath risen from the West.
(i.e. The Lord as much attracts one's attention
as the sun if it rises from the West). ...6

Adore if you the true Lord,
you shall acquire the abode in Paradise. ...7

The road to Paradise is a different one, proceed
in accordance with the guidance (gnan) of the Gur. ...8

Tender the tithe to the Lord (Hazir Imam) and then eat (thus)
purified food. ...9

The Lord shall inquire of you (into your deeds).
Know this with all certainty. ...10

Pir Hassanshah said thus: O momins forget if ye
(these precepts) ye shall incur a great loss. ...11

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