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Kaayam Mahedee Raaho Hasse(n)daa - Translation B


Pir Hasan Kabirdeen

O soul! The path of the qaaim - Al Mahdi the Imam,

the Eternal One (the true path and the everlasting one)

understand this truth and follow the Master carefully

always ...1

O soul! Follow that Master who has created you and me,

the one who has given (us) the body, soul

and the rest ...2

O soul! Kindly up the spiritual flame of your spirit which

is just existing, this can be done by adding the fuel

of the elixir of life (amiras, meaning Abbe Safa) ...3

O soul! That is why I have kindled up the Gat Pat

(reestablished the Gat Pat)

O momins, get together regularly

(for the Gat Pat) ...4

O soul! The Abbe Safa is a holy drink

and O momins you should drink it to the full ...5

O soul! Drink it, drink and O momins be intoxicated

(with the divine love)

this can happen to those who meditate on the name of the Lord ...6

O soul! Tara Rani and King Harischandre, they partook of the Gat Pat (and attained salvation) ...7

O soul! The korava and the pandavas fought who won and who defeated out of them ...8

O soul! The korava were defeated and the pandavas were victorious, the pandavas reached the heavenly castle

(attained salvation) ...9

O soul! Those believers of the Lord, the true momins attained the didar of the Lord, such were those who got rid of anger from their minds ...10

O soul! This is like a trader coming to trade at the mart of the Lord, what does he buy and what does he give

in return? ...11

O soul! (The trader) gives the most precious jewel (his heart) and buys the secrets of the scriptures (or the secrets of Isme-Azam) verily he is trading at the best of the marts ...12

O soul! This most interesting Ginan is spoken (taught)

by Pir Hasanshah (Pir Hasan Kabirdeen)

verily those who are the true friends and momins

are the ones who will reap the fruit of it ...13

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