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Juthee Re Duniyaa Tame Kaa(n) Bhulo - Translation


jeerebhaaire juttheere duniyaa tame kaa(n)i bhulo
ane chhoddo te mandhaa a(n)dheraajee
is duniyaasu(n) jenne cheet na laayaa
teese nahee dujaa feraajee

aash to ek alakhnee keeje
ane avar te aash neeraashajee
saachere mane saameejeene srevo
to hove amaraapuree vaasajee...aash to...............1

Why do you forget that this world is false, and foresake the blindness of heart(mind). Whosoever does not have any love and attachment for this world, will not have to go through other cycles of rebirth.

Cherish the hope and reliance upon the Undescribable(Lord). Reliance and hope upon others will lead to despair and disappointments only. Worship(Serve) the Lord in a truthful manner, thereby your existence will be the Everlasting Abode(of peace and joy).

jeerebhaaire geerbhaavaasakee vaachaa sa(m)bhaaro
ane kol kaayamjeenaa paallojee
saachu(n) seedhak man raakho aapannu(n)
ne pa(n)jabhu ne tame vaarojee...aash to.............2

Remember the promise you made in the womb of your mother and fulfil the promise you made to the Ever-living Lord. Keep your heart(mind) truthful and steadfast(in worship) and shun the five evils viz., carnal lust, anger, greed, attraction for the world and pride. Cherish the hope and reliance...

jeerebhaaire chetannahaaraa tame cheto moraa bhaai
ane karo te aachhee kamaaijee
a(n)takaalle to eklaa chaalannaa
saathe koi baap na maaijee...aash to.................3

O vigilant ones, be mindful o my brothers, and perform pure and rewarding deeds. At the final moment you will have to go alone, neither your father nor your mother will be with you. Cherish the hope and reliance...

jeerebhaaire haath ghase ne neesaasaa mele
ane jeebhate hoyshe ba(n)dhajee
a(n)takaall veraa evee aa(n)jeere jaanno
ne kuchh na suje sa(n)dhajee...aash to...............4

You will rub your hands and heave deep sighs and groan, and your tongue will be tied. Such will be the difficulty of the final moment and no one will be with you. Cherish the hope and reliance...

jeerebhaaire aa(n)khaladdee-e paannee emare chaale
jem nadeeye vahe neerjee
tees vellaa maa(n)he praannee se(n)saa maa(n)he
ane na rahe man maahe dheerjee...aash to.............5

Tears will flow from your eyes as the water flowing in a river. At that time, the living one will fall into confusion and will not have patience in his heart. Cherish the hope and reliance...

jeerebhaaire kaacheere kaayaa tuje kaam na aave
ne meettee te meettee maa(n)he mallee jaavejee
utam karannee-e jo tame chaalo
to faree fero nahee aave...aash to...................6

The raw and fragile body will not be of any assistance to you and the clay(of the body) will mix with the clay(of the grave). If you live with the most exalted deeds, you will not have to go through another cycle. Cherish the hope and reliance...

jeerebhaai aal imaam aaraadho moraa bhaai
to hove bahot kamaaijee
isare aalku(n) tame saachee karee jaanno
to hove anat bhalaai...aash to.........................7

Adore and follow the progeny of the Imaam, o my brothers, thereby you will have great rewards. Regard this progeny as true, thereby you will have unlimited benefits. Cherish the hope and reliance...

jeerebhaaire vachan hamaaraa tame saachaa karee jaanno
ane man maa(n)he shak na aannojee
peer sadardeen kahe tame sunno maaraa muneevaro
saacho te saaheb peechhaannojee...aash to............8

Regard our commands or pronouncements as true and have no doubt in your heart(mind) regarding them. Peer Sadardeen says: listen my believers! Recognise the True Lord. Cherish the hope and reliance...

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