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Ek Teerath Vedhddaa - Translation


ek teerath vedhddaa peer shams gaazee sadhnnaa
tusaa naavo naavo naavannaa veeraa naavannaa...................1

Going to the sacred bathing-place, Pir Shams the Ghazi calls: bathe if you would bathe, bathe if you would.

Admonishing a caravan going for the Hindu pilgrimage(teerath), Peer Shams, the conquerer says that your bath should be the bath of reality.

naate dhote sejeeyaa jeene gurdhaa farmaayaa keeyaa
or nahee naavnnaa nahee naavnnaa............................2

Those souls who have bathed and washed in accordance with the Guide's command should not bathe elsewhere, should not bathe.

Real bathing has been done by the one who has followed the precepts (Farmaan) of the (True) Guide. There is no other bathing besides this.

raaho rah chalo tusaa peer puchhee raah chalo
ujadd pag nahee paavnnaa na paavnnaa........................3

Proceed along the Path. Ask the Pir the way and proceed along the Path. In the wilderness no path is to be found, to be found.

Walk on the Right Path after asking (or seeking) the (True) Guide. Do not set your feet in a deserted place.

peer shams arvaah parbodhnnaa
manhatthee ruhaane samjaavannaa - e samjaavnnaa..............4

Pir Shams preaches to the souls, to give understanding to stubborn hearts and spirits, to give understanding.

Peer Shamsh preaches (or guides) the (good) souls and persuades the arrogant souls.

esaa dar medde saaheb raajedhaa sadhddaa
suidhe dhafe veech hastee maavnnaa veeraa maavnnaa...........5

This royal call at my Master's court: through the eye of a needle, brother, let an elephant be passed, be passed.

The doorstep(or courtyard) of my Lord is very narrow. It is like passing an elephant through the eye of the needle.

peer shams gaazee boleeyaa
fal sache yaare moman paavnnaa veeraa paavnnaa...............6

Pir Shams the Ghazi has spoken(Pir shams has spoken loudly?): only by the truly adoring believer, brother, is the fruit to be found, to be found.

Peer Shams, the conquerer says: the genuine momins will attain the fruits, o brothers, they will indeed attain.

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