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Amar Te Aayo More Shahji Jo E-Mu Allaah - Translation


ejee amar te aayo more shaahjeejo emu allaah
hukam te motteo e na jaay hojeere
sunneeyo bhaai jee jee emu allaah............................1

The Holy Command has come from our Lord, Haazar Imaam.
This command must not be returned unfulfilled or ignored. Listen O Brother
(and submit to this Divine Command from our Lord.

ejee amar te seedhaa pa(n)je paa(n)ddvaa emu allaah
maataa ku(n)taa e bhaleraa hojeere
sunneeyo bhaai jee jee emu allaah............................2

By obeying the Holy Command of our Lord, the five Paandvas achieved
the exalted position, their mother Maataa Kuntaa was enlightened as well.

ejee amar te seedhaa taaraaraannee lochanaa emu allaah
raajaa hareecha(n)ddhra roheedaas hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai...3

(In the same manner) Queen Taaraaraani adopted by Lochanaa,
attained the exalted state by submission to the Command, and her husband,
King Harishchandra and Prince Rohidas their son attained it as well.

ejee hareecha(n)ddhra puchhe taaraaraannee lochanaa emu allaah
raannee mune sapanutar laadho hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai.......4

Harishchandra asks Taaraaraani: "O my Queen, I have had a dream".

Here Peer Sadardeen begins to relate the incidence which led to
King Harishchandra surrendering himself to the Divine Will. Queen
Taaraaraani used to go to the place of worship late at night after
her husband had gone to sleep. Eventually the king came to know
about the queen's secret endevours in his absence. One day the
king pretended to have gone to sleep while the Queen made
preparations to leave the place.

The queen discarded her most precious jewellary and adopted most simple religious dress.
She then went to the stable and took the most valuable horse Hanslo and left for the
place of worship. On that day the king followed her discreetly as she left.

Upon her return after the performances of all the exalted rituals,
the king questions her by relating to a dream.

ejee sapanaa maa(n)he evaddu(n) me(n) jaanneeyu(n) emu allaah
taaraaraannee peeyareeye padhaareeyaa hojeere...sunneeyo.....5

"From what I saw in the dream, I came to know", (Harishchandra said)
"That you had gone to your parents' house".

ejee bhal bhaleraa raajaa paadshaah emu allaah
maare na koi peeyar tanno tthaam hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai....6

(Taaraaraani replied) "O great and majestical king,
I have no parents' home to go to".

ejee khaddag kaaddhee ne raajaa ubhaa thayaa emu allaah
raannee mune thaall e dekhaadd hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai......7

The king then took out a dagger, stood up and said,
"Queen, show me that tray!".

The tray contained all the juras that were distributed at the congregation.

ejee raannee veenove aapannaa shaahjee ne emu allaah
saamee raajaa lajaa raakhannhaar hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai....8

The queen, (being caught up in a critical situation), implored her Lord,
O my Master, my Lord, (please come to my rescue), You are the only
one to preserve my honour and integrity.

ejee laddu beejoraa neepanaa naara(n)geeyu(n) emu allaah
maa(n)s te neepanaa veeraa ddhraaksh hojeere...sunneeyo......9

Then (miraculously), the sweets such as 'ladus' and 'beejoraa'
became oranges, and meat was transformed into grapes.

ejee ghugharee maa(n)he thee moteeddaa neepanaa emu allaah
pureeu te naagar velnaa paan hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai.......10

The cooked grams turned into flowers (jasmine),
and the 'purees' became 'nagar', leaves.

ejee taare khaddag meleene raajaa besee rahyaa emu allaah
raannee mune pa(n)th e dekhaadd hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai....11

(After witnessing these mysteries), the king put back the dagger and sat down,
"O queen", (he requested), "Show me this path which you are following".

ejee bhal bhaleraa raajaa paadashaah emu allaah
hee pa(n)th kha(n)ddaa keree dhaar hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai.12

"O great and majestic king", (the Queen replied),
"This Path is very difficult - it is like the edge of a naked sword".

ejee pahelaa(n) te deeje kaayaa kaallajaa emu allaah
pachhee deeje pee(n)ddee kero maa(n)s hojeere...sunneeyo....13

(The Queen explained): "(This path is very demanding), at first you must give your liver
(heart), and then you must also be prepared to give up the flesh of your body".

ejee daan te deeje ghoddo ha(n)salo emu allaah
ku(n)var te deeje roheedaas hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai........14

"You will have to give your (favourite) horse Hanslow,
and also your (beloved) son, Rohidaas".

ejee ajodhaa nagaree kero raajpaatt emu allaah
taaraaraannee naa(n) shannagaar hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai....15

You will also have to give up the luxuries and privileges of your Kingdom
of Ajodhaa, as well as the finery and jewellery worn by me, your beloved queen".

ejee sab kuchh deenu(n) raajaa paadashaah emu allaah
jeekee huo mee(n)ja e sa(n)saar hojeere...sunneeyo bhaai....16

The majestic king submitted to the Divine Will and sacrificed everything.
He gave away everything that he possessed in this world.

ejee peer sadardeen bolyaa veenatee emu allaah
saamee raajaa tu taareeye taarannhaar hojeere..sunneeyo.....17

Peer Sadardeen (who has composed this Geenaan), is imploring our Lord,
Haazar Imaam. "O our Lord and Master give us salvation for You are
indeed the only giver of salvation".

The incidence of King Harishchanddhra and Sati Taaraaraani is mentioned
in more detail in another geenaan by Peer Sadardeen: 'sejaaddie suto raajaa
nindhraa dharee, taaraa raani orase rayna payji' (117 verses).

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