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Aanand Aanand Kario Rikhisaro - Translation E


Pir Sadardeen

Rejoice immensely, O most pious believers; for you have attained that Master who is the creator of all things. ...1

Get together and have all pious believers assembled (for regular religious duties and majlis). After having brought all together, earn the benefits of your religion. ...2

Greeting be to the house of my most pious believers, as my Lord (Hazir Imam) has been known to the land of Jampu Deep. ...3

My Lord will make safe his followers from the eternal punishment

and reward them with the fruits of their deeds. ...4

Submit your religious due and serve the Imam of the time. Only in doing so, your soul gains eternal salvation. ...5

The premonition of the future have come with the indications that it is very difficult to follow the true path of religion in a period of vicious time. ...6

Pir Sadardeen pronounces that Hazrat Nabi Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.s.) is our true Guide (because he showed us a path of the Imam of the time). Pay heed to this fact, O you, who are careful. ...7

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