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Aanand Aanand Kario Rikhisaro - Translation D


By: Pir Shams

O soul! Rejoice and be happy O momins!

Because you have Hazir Imam. ...1

Meet and gather together, O momins!

And say your prayers and do good deeds. ...2

Hazir Imam is everpresent with us,

Greetings be to you, O momins! ...3

Hazir Imam is the Saviour of the true believers,

He rewards them for their deeds. ...4

Pay dasond (the tithe) and obey Hazir Imam,

So may your soul be free. ...5

It is hard to follow the right path in difficult times,

The signs of which are sent beforehand. ...6

Says Pir Sadardeen, the Great Pir,

from the Imam (Islam Shah)

Be careful and follow the right path.


Heritage Society Collection

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