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Aanand Aanand Kario Rikhisaro - Translation B

Do rejoicings, O you believers!

You have obtained (and recognized) the first cause of

creation, Hazir Imam. ...1

O believers unite and get together;

Unitedly, do earnings of good deeds. ...2

In the country of India (the knowledge of the

presence of) Hazir Imam has spread throughout.

Felicitations to the houses of the believers. ...3

My Lord will save the believers

And will reward (them) for their earnings. ...4

Pay dasond and obey Hazir Imam.

On account of these good deeds

the soul attains salvation. ...5

The times are difficult and the way is hard.

The advance signal has come. ...6

Pir Sadardeen (the true Guide) says,

"Be warned, O those who will be warned." ...7

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