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Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)


Hazarat MOWLA MURTAZA ALI was born in Macca at Kaa'ba Shariff, the holiest place in Arabia, the House Of God. Mowla Murtaza Ali's mother was Mata Bibi Zuleikha, and father HASHAMI ABU TALIB. When Mowla Murtaza Ali was born, our beloved Holy prophet Muhammad S.A.S was thirty years of age; and prophet Muhammad was revealed as THE NABI at the time Mowla Ali was ten years old.

Mowla Murtaza Ali, from the very young age, with Great Chivalry was of constant help to our beloved prophet - particularly at the time the Kaffirs (Enemies Of Islam) harassed our Prophet Muhammad S.A.S Mowla Murtaza Ali protected the religion of Islam. It is believed that service rendered by Mowlana Murtaza Ali for the cause of Islam was so great and remarkable that if any other Muslims were to continue to render service until the Day of Judgment, Mowlana Murtaza Ali's service cannot be reckoned with!

Mowla Murtaza Ali's wife was JANNATE KHATUN MATA BIBI FATIMA (A.S) , the beloved daughter of our NABI-E-KARIM MUHAMMMAD MUSTAFA RASUL S.A.S. They had two sons, MOWLA SHAH HASSAN (A.S.) and MOWLA SHAH HUSSEIN (A.S.)

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