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Imamate of Imam Ala Zikrihis Salaam - 1163-1166AD

1163 - 1166

Born in Alamut, Mowlana Imam Ala Zikrihis Salaam is known to have declared the Yaum el-Qiyama or Day of Resurrection on the 19th of Ramazan, 559AH (10th of August, 1164). On the day, he made the following farman to the Jamat: "I am your Imam-e-Zaman, I am Hasan bin Qahir bin Mohtadi bin Hadi bin Nizar bin Mustansir Billah. The line of our succession will continue till the end of this world. I am pleased with your obedience and fealty. You have made in the past great sacrifices, which I accept and bless you. Today I have explained to you the Law (Shariat) and its meaning. I make you free from the rigidity of the Law and resurrect you from the bondage of the letter to the freedom of the spirit of the Law. Obey me and follow my farman. Give up all your misunderstanding and be united. Lead a virtuous life to be free from the fear of the Day of Judgment. Union with God, in reality, is the resurrection. Break your fast and rejoice. This is the day of utmost happiness and gratitude." Mowlana Imam Ala Zikrihis Salaam was assassinated by his brother-in-law, Hassan bin Namwar, on the 6th of Rabi-el-Awwal, 561 AH at the age of 35. He was succeeded by his son Muhammed (Aziz, 1974).

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