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Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

The term talik means suspension or hanging together. Talik is said to have got this name from its letters being connected to each other, and is in fact a compound of tawki, rika and naskh scripts. The shikasta talik (broken talik) is the result of writing talik rapidly. The letters are written in a more intricate style, which makes shikasta talik difficult to read. It started to appear in 8th/14th century and was developed by Khwaja Taj Salmaniyi Ispahani (d. 897/1491). The Persians however customarily call this script simply talik without the prefix shikasta. Talik was a special script in Persian, which was the form of old tawki script which was used for official documents. Since the post-Alamut period, the official letters of the Imams for the jamat became known as Talika or Talika Mubarak in the Ismaili jamat.

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