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Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

The Koranic Sura Bara'at (or Sura Tauba) was revealed towards the end of the year 9 A.H., Abu Bakr was consigned its first forty verses to be read before the people in Mecca. After a few moments, the Prophet provided Ali bin Abu Talib a speedy camel, called Ghuzha and instructed to go ahead and overtake Abu Bakr and take away those verses from him and proceed to Mecca. When asked regarding this, the Prophet is reported to have said that Jibrail came to him and said, "Do not let it be performed by anyone other than yourself or someone from you on your behalf" (Masnad, 1:151, Tabari's Tafsir, 10:47, Dhur-e-Manthur, 6:200, etc.)

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