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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #882

550AH/1155-697AH/1210. A special emissary who, like a Dai, preached Ismailism in Syria. In reality he was Imam Ala Mohammed incognito according to Mustafa Ghaleb in "Ismailis of Syria" and the text ofA.Tamir "Sinan Rashidal-Din". Sinan proclaimed the Great Resurrection in Syria.He had friendly relations with Christians and Jews. He had to fight against Saladin. For detailed English text on RASHID AL-DIN SINAN click here

550AH/1155-697AH/1210. Personnage secret connu comme Dai qui prit le pouvoir en Syrie. En réalité, Imam Ala Mohammed. Ghaleb "Ismailis of Syria", et le texte de A. Tamir "Sinan Rashidal-Din". Proclama la Grande Résurrection en Syrie. Rapports amicaux avec les Croisés, les Templiers. Dut se battre contre Saladin.

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