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Translation of Kutumb parivaar sajaanaa

Kutumb parivaar sajaanaa

Eji Kuttam parivaar sajanaa,
me sab ku chhoddeaa re;
dhil baandheaa mere saanhi sun,
man tam sun joddiaare .... ....
Siri nabi kahe saanhiaa,
ttuk dur mat jaaiore;
jab aavegi vednaa,
tab tum dekhan aaio 1

O beloved! I have foresaken all the family relationships and indeed foresaken everything. I have bound my heart to my Lord. I have bound my heart (mind) to You. O beloved of the honoured Prophet: do not stay away from me (even) a little while. When any harm or calamity befalls, come to look after me.

Suli upar saathro,
maanhe nindh na aavere;
paandde paandde piu ji,
maaro jiv khilaave re - siri 2

O beloved! My bedspread is (laid) upon thorns, I cannot sleep. My beloved! Cause my soul to bloom on each and every leaf.

Ham tam mili galeme,
ek baavari bhaio re;
Pir Hassan Shaah ki venti,
tam suniyo saanhiaare;
Siri nabike saanhiaa,
ttuk dur 3

O beloved!I have gone crazy (or lost my senses) upon meeting you. O Lord: Listen to the entreaty of Pir Hassan Shah.

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