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Partial translation of Anant Akhado (Ashaji)

Verses from Anant Akhado (Ashaji) mentioning Ginans

Aashaajee Aaj kal vaare baar karodd
te Satgur Sohodev saathe jee
jo jaanne to mela melaavo
to gnaan veechaaree ne chaalojee........Haree anant...15

Oh Lord The twelve crore souls of the present period
will be with Satgur Sohodev(Pir Sadardin)
Those who realise(know,understand) this, get together
and conduct yourselves by reflecting upon the ginans
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal-jug maanhe aghor paap vartyaa
tees maanhe aap kun raakho-jee
jo jaanno navsaa(Nav Shah) bhettun
to ginaan vichaaree- ne chaalo..........Haree anant...27

Oh Lord In the present age dreadful sins have spread
In it please take care and protect yourself
If you desire to know and be one with the Lord
walk upon the path by reflecting upon the ginans (Divine knowledge)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Janam khotta te jeev kaheeye
je geenaan vichaaree nahee chaale jee
te jeev maanakhaa janam-j hoyshe
pann hoyshe te ddhor parmaann...........Haree anant...86

Oh Lord False birth is attributed to that soul
which does not conduct itself by reflecting upon the
ginans(knowledge and wisdom)
Although it will have a human birth
it's substance will be of an animal
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Gur-Nar bhaankhee geenaan sunnaayaa
Deeyo te rakheesar ne haath jee
rakheesar te je geenaan-j jaanne
te bese Shaah Peer ke paas..............Haree anant...87

Oh Lord The Gur-Nar (Imam and Pir) has foretold in the ginaans
and made them heard to devotees
gave these to the devotees by hand(personally)
The devotees are the ones who know the ginaans
they will have a seat near the Shah Pir
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Karo dayaa ne maher-j aanno
mahadan amne chhoddavo-jee
farmaan karee Nar-jee bolyaa
chaalo te Gur geenaan...................Haree anant..107

Oh Lord Have pity and shower Your mercy upon us
and spare us the torment of the Day of Judgment
The Imam made the farman and spoke
conduct yourselves according to the ginaans
composed by the Guru
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Paaval peene gat maanhe aavo
ane karo Gur-nu ginaan jee
Gur-nu ginaan je ochhun karee jaanne
te jaashe narag dwaar...................Haree anant..134

Oh Lord After drinking the Abe-safa come to the gat (Jamat Khana)
and think about the Guru's(the Teacher's) ginaans
Whoever regards the Guru's ginans as insignificant
will go to hell
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Jeev kaarann man maanhe jaanno
karo Gur vadhaaiyun jee
Gur ginaan-ne je jeev chaale
te aavshe amaare paas...................Haree anant..222

Oh Lord For the sake of your soul, have knowledge (of the Lord)
in your minds
and glorify the Guide
The soul that conducts itself according to the knowledge
and wisdom(Ginaan) of the Guide
will come to our presence
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sat sateeyunaa Beebee raakhe
je hoyshe Ali jeenee Naar jee
ginaan veechaaree je naaree chaale
je saambhalle aapnne dhyaan.............Haree anant..291

Oh Lord Beebee Fateemaa will preserve the truth of the true
she is the one who will be the wife of Ali
The women(devotees) who will reflect upon and follow the
are indeed those who will have listened attentively
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Gur kanthee kanthee geenaan sunnaayaa
moman kun chetaayaa ji
karo husheeyaaree cheentaa raakho
zeekar karo moraa bhaai.................Haree anant..315

Oh Lord The Guide continuously explained the ginans and made
them heard
and warned the momins
so become intelligent and be alert
be in constant remembrance (of the Lord) my brethren
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Annat geenaan veechaaree chaalo
ne karo man husheeyaaree jee
husheeyaar thai tame Har-ne aaraadho
neendaa ma karo lagaar..................Haree anant..337

Oh Lord Reflect upon the timeless ginans and conduct
yourselves accordingly
and keep your mind very alert
Adore and serve the Lord intelligently
and do not indulge in slander and back-biting at all
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ras kas sarve melee dejo
lejo Gur-nu geenaan jee
potaano Nar partak vinavo
jyaan thee paamo deedaar................Haree anant..345

ras - juice,wine,pleasure kas - jewellery,riches

Oh Lord Abandon the worldly pleasures and riches
and partake in the knowledge(ginans) of the Guide
Worship your own manifest Lord
thereby you will blessed with the Deedar(spiritual
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Mull zaaleene mull-ne aaraadho
to mull thaki tame paamo jee
kalap jug-naa tame geenaan vichaaro
to moman reedehmaa geenaan-j aanno......Haree anant..352

Oh Lord Hold firmly to the roots(the tithe) and adore them
because of the firmly held roots you will reap the
Reflect upon the knowledge(ginans) of the era of Kalap
and accept the ginans with conviction in your hearts
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sun-kaall maanhe thee rachanaa keedhee
tees deen dasond leekhaannee jee
Gur geenaan ved vichaaro
to dasond veena nahee chhuto............Haree anant..356

Oh Lord From the primordial void the Lord created the universe
it is from that day the practice of the tithe has been
If you reflect upon the guidance of the Guide and the
scriptures including the ginans and the vedas
you will realise that without the tithe , the salvation
of the soul is not possible
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Aal Sadardeen Peer Hassan-Kabeerdeen
kahe sohi geenaan ji
ham-tam sarve dasond deve
to pohonche Shaah-ne dwaar..............Haree anant..386

Oh Lord The son of Pir Sadardeen is Pir Hassan Kabeerdeen
he is the one who is expounding the (current)
ginan(divine knowledge and wisdom in these verses)
If we all observe the tithe
we'll reach the abode of the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kal jug kuddo sahu paakhandde raache
andhele janam gumaayaa jee
neechee preete te jeev chaale
je nahee veechaare geenaan..............Haree anant..391

Oh Lord The present era is false and everyone lives in a
deceptive manner
They are the blind ones(faithless) who have lost
this human birth(opportunity)
The one who loves the lower things
is the one who does not reflect upon the ginans
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Saat karodd munivar sidhaa
sohee Hareesh-Chanddhr saathe jee
geenaan veechaaree je jiv chaalyaa
te pohontaa Dev dwaar...................Haree anant..427

Oh Lord Seven crore momins were saved(they were on the Right
they went with Harish-Chandr(were saved with him)
those who lived by reflecting upon the ginans
reached the abode of the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nar sonaa Gur rupaa
heeraa rakheesar jaanno jee
moti laal geenaan peechhaanno
to jampo Peer Shaah no jaamp............Haree anant..445

Oh Lord The Husband(Imaam) is compared to gold and the
Guide(Peer) to silver
and know the devotee as diamond
Know the ginans(divine knowledge) as pearls and rubies
so then recite(silently) the name of Pir Shaah(so that
you may shine like a diamond by exuding love)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maannek motee ginaan veechaaro
dharo Shaah-sun pyaar jee
het thakee tame het-j raakho
karo man muraad.........................Haree anant..453

Oh Lord Reflect upon the ginans which are like precious gems
and pearls
and maintain your love for the Imam
Keep the love only for the sake of love (not for any
other intentions)
and do it willingly(do not do it out of force or
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Geenaan veechaaree tame chaalo
karo Gur jee-sun haal jee
jyot jagaaddee jumlo betthaa
hoyshe jay-jay kaar.....................Haree anant..476

Oh Lord Conduct yourselves by reflecting upon the Ginans
(divine knowledge and wisdom)
and be in the company of the Guide
Awakening to the light, the congregation will be seated
and it will be a very joyous and happy occasion
Haree You are eternal...

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