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Translation of Saacho dhiyaae ne ginaan vichaaro

Eji Saacho dhiaavo-ne ginaan vichaaro,
bhaai Gur binaa ginaan na hoy;
murakh loke maram na jaanneo,
bhai te maatte karanni khoy 1

O brother! Follow the truth and reflect and contemplate upon Ginans. O brother, Without the Guide there is no wisdom and knowledge. The foolish people did not understand the secret (mystery), therefore O brother! They squandered their earnings.

Eji Baava hiraa parakhiye ghan eransun
ane ratan parakhiye punam chandra jot
tem munivar parakhiye imansun
evi karanie amrapuri hot 2

O brother! As a diamond is evaluated with the beating of hammer on the anvil and a gem is evaluated in the light of the full moon, in the same manner a believer is tested by his faith. By such deeds is the eternal abode obtained.

Eji Men bolaavun men chalaavun,
ane men khilaavun sab khenn;
me khilaavun ne me pilaavun,
bhaai umat saari jahaan 3

O brother! I cause speech and I cause walking and I cause everyone to eat. O brother! I cause the enitre humanity to eat and cause them to drink.

Eji Men aachaari ne men vichaari,
men akal daun aap;
eto maatti kere putale,
tene men japaavun jaap 4

O brother! I am the capacity for action and I am the capacity for intelligence and contemplation and I myself grant intelligence. I cause the idol of clay (human being) to remember (the name of God).

Eji Men kartaa ne men hartaa,
ane avarthi kuchhu na hoy;
ek til rehemat me choddun,
to pathar bole soy 5

O brother! I myself am the one in charge, no one else is capable of doing anything. If I reveal or release as much as a speck of mercy and blessing, then stones would begin to talk (have the power of speech).

Eji Kaache haande nir na raheve,
maanhe jal bhartaa gali jaay;
tem be-imaani bahesht na paave,
vann agne sohaag na thaay 6

O brother! In a raw earthen pot water does not remain, as soon as it is filled with water it dissolves. In this manner, a faithless man cannot obtain paradise, without fire (gold) cannot shine.

Eji Te gaafal-ne sudh nav suji,
tenne nindhraae khoyo aap;
tene kaal have daabeo,
tene ddasio te kaalio naag 7

O brother! That oblivious (one) did not acquire sense, he wasted his life in slumber. The influence of time overcame him, a black snake bit him.

Eji Jene naag ddasio tene zaher chaddio,
te be aankhe aandhlo thaay;
tiyaan bahu gaaruddi aavi mile,
pann Sat Gur vinaa zaher nav jaay 8

O brother! Whoever is stung by a snake is poisoned and both his eyes are blinded. There many (people) who can counteract (the effects of) a snake bite will come and meet but without the True Guide the effects of the poison will not vanish.

Eji Aaj saacho gaaruddi Sat Gur chhe,
ane te saacho Gur kahevaay;
jenne chaud bhamann sirjeaa,
te Gur Sat Panth vinaa nahi paay 9

O brother! Today the one who can truly counteract the effect of poison is the True Guide and he alone is known as the True Guide. The one who created the fourteen realms, that Guide cannot be attained without the Satpanth (true path).

Eji Thoddaa maanhe bohot-j paaie,
tame karo saburi moman bhaai;
tame jikare jaage jivddo,
ane sat ni karo kamaai 10

O brother! In little you will obtain or attain much. O believer brother! Be patient. O living being! Be awake in remembrance and perform rewarding deeds.

Eji Bhanne Pir Imaam Shaah sunno munivaro,
tame ginaan vichaaro aap;
ghatt maa(n)e khajaanaa bohot hay,
tame kunchi karo apne haath 11

O brother! Sayyed Imam Shah teaches: listen O believers! Reflect and contemplate upon the Ginans. There is great treasure in the heart, obtain the keys in your hands.

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