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Ismailism in Multan and Sind


This is an article about the expansion of Ismailism in Multan and Sind since Dai Hatim was sent to these areas in 883AD (Fatimid took power in Maghreb in 909 AD). The expansion continued later under Dai Jalam b. Shayban( http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/2187) who seize Multan for the Fatimid Imams in 985 AD.

How the Mustalian Dawa died down and Nizari Dawa expanded under Pir Satgur Nur and was given a boost from the Declaration of the Qiyamah by Alamut period Imam Hassan Alazikrihis Salam and the negative impact on the Dawa of the fall of Alamut in 1254. The authors says that Pir Sadardin reorganised the Dawa, the author talks of the Ismaili Sumrah Dynasty and the Imam Shahi split.

A study that will bring a lot to the much needed and neglected research on Ismailism in the subcontinent considering that there are many blanks in the general history of Hind, Sind and Multan.

Its a 20 pages study easily readable in 20 minutes with some interesting info in footnotes. The link for the PDF is below.

Ismailism-in-Multan-and-Sind.pdf8.83 MB

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