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Ya Khudaava(n)d Anat Kalap Me(n) - Translation



yaa khudaava(n)d, anat kalap me(n) aage tu(n)hee-j hotaa
taaro a(n)t tu(n)hee-j jaanne jee...............1

Oh Lord: Countless aeons ago, it was only You who were present.
It is only You who can fathom the limits of your limitlessness.

yaa khudaava(n)d, taare jameen nahotee aasmaan na hotaa
jo hotaa so tu(n)hee-j jaanne jee...............2

Oh Lord: At that time, there was neither the earth or the heavens.
It is only You who knows what existed then.

yaa khudaava(n)d, tu(n) aape ilaahee tu(n) aape neeree(n)jan
tu(n) aapo hee aap pareeyaann jee...............3

Oh Lord: You are Divine and You are invisible (non-created,
indescriptible). You create by Yourself in a spontaneous manner.

yaa khudaava(n)d, ashtt karodd bhrahmaa aage tu(n) upaayaa
tenne taaro a(n)t na jaannee yo jee.............4

Oh Lord: Eighty million years ago, You created
but nobody can fathom Your unlimited power.

yaa khudaava(n)d, aatth laakh karann peere taaree sirevaa jo keedhee
taare to peer ne mukh deekhlaayaa jee...........5

Oh Lord: For eight hundred thousand karans, the Peer
worshipped (served, longed for) You. It was only then
that You showed Him Your face.

yaa khudaava(n)d, anat dev taaraa mukh maa(n)he peere deetthaa
taare anat rupee tune peere karee jaanneeyaajee.6

Oh Lord: The Peer saw countless Divine spirits on Your face.
It was then that the Peer recognised You as having infinite attributes.

yaa khudaava(n)d, taaree karannee no paar allah tu(n)hee-j jaanne
evo peere mukhe naam bhannaayaa jee.............7

Oh Lord: Allah, it is only You who can fathom the limits of Your
(creative) actions. This is the word (concept) taught
through the mouth of the Peer.

yaa khudaava(n)d, chhatrees jug choraasee chokaddeeye te
ahu(n)kaar-j maa(n)ddeeyo
taare tamane peere peechhaannee yaa jee.........8

Oh Lord: For thirty six ages and eighty four 'chokarees' (period of time),
You were absorbed in Your self- consciousness (ego).
It was then that the Peer recognised You (in Your real nature as
uncreated, independent and self subsistant).

yaa khudaava(n)d, choraasee aasane taaraa darshan saamu(n) peere
tapa-j saadheeyo
taare to peer ne paas teddaavyaa jee............9

Oh Lord: For the sake of Your Vision, the Peer meditated in eighty
four postures. It was then that You invited the Peer to Your abode.

yaa khudaava(n)d, chaar kalap tuj aagall venatee kareene peere ardaas-j keedhaa
taare tame peer naa vachan-j maaneeyaa jee.....10

Oh Lord: The Peer spent four kalaps entirely petitioning in front of You.
It was then that You accepted the Peer's entire request.

yaa khudaava(n)d, anat venatee kareene peere ardaas-j keedhee
saamee maaraa sheshttee rachaavo jee...........11

Oh Lord: The Peer kept petitioning only making countless requests.
Oh Lord! create the universe.

yaa khudaava(n)d, peer ne vachane saahebe chee(n)taj deedhaa
taare feenn thakee ek i(n)dd upaayaa jee.......12

Oh Lord: The Lord engaged His entire consciousness contemplating
upon the Peer's request(promise). It was only after that, that the Lord
created an egg out of a foamy substance.

The promise was that the Peer would create enabling conditions
for the momins to enjoy heavenly rewards in this life.

yaa khudaava(n)d, i(n)dd seveene chaud bhamann rachaayaa
jodd jameen ennee pere baa(n)dhyaa jee.........13

Oh Lord: Out of the egg, (the Lord) created fourteen spheres
(universes, seven heavens and seven undersurfaces).
In the same manner, He bound and brought together all
the constituent elements of the earth.

yaa khudaava(n)d, jameen seerjee ne chaar khaanneeyu upaayu
pavan paannee paydaa keedhaa jee...............14

Oh Lord: After creating the earth, He established the four sources
(origins, cycles, stages). (He) created the air and water.

yaa khudaava(n)d, aatth laakh parabat, chaar laakh megh, nav laakh taaraanu(n) tej
evo seetej khaann maa(n)hethee aavyaa jee......15

Oh Lord: Eight hundred thousand mountains,
four hundred thousand clouds and the lustre of nine
hundred thousand stars came into existence as a result of
the first stage of evolution(creation) called 'seetej'.

yaa khudaava(n)d, cha(n)ddhr suraj saahebe nure neepaayaa
tej dhareene kaam-j chalaayaa jee..............16

Oh Lord: The Lord created the moon and the sun from His Light.
This entire process was undertaken through the means of light.

yaa khudaava(n)d, beejee jarej khaann maa(n)he jeevaa jodd upaayaa
tenu(n) bhed kenne nahee jaanneeyaa jee........17

Oh Lord: In the second stage, (the Lord) composed and created
living entities, the mystery of which nobody understands.

yaa khudaava(n)d, dash maas u(n)dhe mustak jeev ne geerbhaathaanak deedhaa
taare kol saaheb jee ne aaleeyaa jee...........18

Oh Lord: For ten months the soul was enclosed in the womb with the
head upside down. It was at that time that it made a promise to the Lord.

yaa khudaava(n)d, kol aaleene jeevddo bahaar neesareeyo
taare veesamu(n) vaa maayaa nu(n) laago jee....19

Oh Lord: After giving the promise, the soul was thrust into the external world.
Then he got attached to the (soul) destructive illusory material existence.

yaa khudaava(n)d, maayaa maa(n)he jeevddo lobh savaarth lobhaannu
ane kol saaheb jeenaa veesaareeyaa jee.........20

Oh Lord: In this illusory material existence, the soul got overcome by greed
and possesiveness and forgot about the promise made to the Lord.

yaa khudaava(n)d, kol veesareene jeevddo dozake sadhaareeyaa
tene aaddo te koi nahee aavyo jee..............21

Oh Lord: Having forgotten the promise, the soul left
(the heavenly existence) to go to hell. Nobody was at it's side.

yaa khudaava(n)d, geerbhaavaasanee jenne jeeve vaachaa sa(m)bhaaree
te jeev baheshte sadhaareeyaa jee..............22

Oh Lord: The soul that kept the promise made in it's mother's womb,
has left for paradise.

yaa khudaava(n)d, anat kaar-j tenaa ektthaa-j seedhaa
te saaheb naa nur maa(n)he nur samaannaa.......23

Oh Lord: All it's unlimited good deeds got accumulated
entirely and it got merged into the Light of the Lord completely
in the manner of light merging into the Light.

yaa khudaava(n)d, teto neeto neet hareesu(n) haathe haath khelshe
je jeev satpa(n)th seekhe chaaleeyaa jee.......24

Oh Lord: The soul will play with the Lord every day hand to hand
(very personally or intimately); it is the one which conducts itself
according to the principles of the Right Path.

yaa khudaava(n)d, peershaah nu(n) darshan te jeev paamyaa
te jeev chaud bhamann maa(n)he shaahsu(n) maanneyaajee...................................25

Oh Lord: That soul has attained the Vision of the Peer and the Imaam.
It has indeed enjoyed the (presence of) the Lord in the fourteen heavens.

yaa khudaava(n)d, tene gaddh amaraapuree maa(n)he u(n)chaa sovan naa avaas
maa(n)he soho so karannee suraj torann
baa(n)dheyaa jee...............................26

Oh Lord: This soul attained a lofty golden abode in the
castle of paradise. Over it was a luminous and glittering arch,
shining like the sun, constructed out of hundreds of good deeds.

yaa khudaava(n)d, beejee padamee nu(n) koi paar na labhe
je anat karodd ku(n)gare koseesaa..............27

Oh Lord: In the second rank, there are unlimited graces obtainable.
These will be of the form of small forts with countless arches surrounding them.

yaa khudaava(n)d, see(n)ter hajaar te maa(n)he oraddaa avaas
maa(n)he tetrees karodd cha(n)ddhr torann
baa(n)dhyaa jee................................28

Oh Lord: Within a fort there are seventy thousand apartments.
Surrounding it will be an arch of the luminous intensity of 330 million moons.

yaa khudaava(n)d, paa(n)ch so malaayk tene aa(n)ganne raakh she
teto asav zaaleene ubhaa jee...................29

Oh Lord: (The Lord) will keep five hundred angels at it's doorstep.
They will be standing ready holding the horses.

yaa khudaava(n)d, maannak motee ratan heraa
oradde avaas maa(n)he jaddtar-j keeyaa jee.....30

Oh Lord: Rubies, pearls, precious stones and diamonds.
All these will be connected completely in the apartments.

yaa khudaava(n)d, huru pachaas tene vaay ke chaalshe
te jeev ana(n)t ra(n)g rup karshe jee..........31

Oh Lord: Fifty angelic beings will be at it's behest.
This soul will perform countless colourful forms
(an expression of unlimited happiness).

yaa khudaava(n)d, ek ghaddee maa(n)he to anat ra(n)g rup karshe
tene sarve prem ras keedhaa jee................32

Oh Lord: In a moment it will perform countless colourful forms.
It will have experienced all the forms of the nector of love.

yaa khudaava(n)d, paa(n)ch so ku(n)var tene aa(n)ganne ramashe
te sone daddee-e khel karshe jee...............33

Oh Lord: Five hundred princes will be playing in it's compaound.
They will play will golden balls.

yaa khudaava(n)d, peer ne vachane jenne jeeve pa(n)th kamaayaa
tene haree-e het kareene deedhaa jee...........34

Oh Lord: Whoever has earned the path through the commands of the Peer,
the Lord has given it (the Path) to him/her through love
(it is the best thing one can have).

yaa khudaava(n)d, teto man vaachaa fal moman maannshe
tenaa kaaraj sarve seedhaa jee.................35

Oh Lord: Such a momin will enjoy the fruits of (warm) heart
and (truthful) speech. All his deeds are perfect and true.

yaa khudaava(n)d, sat maarag chhoddee je u maarge chaale
te jeev vahaanne chaddee ne veegutaa jee.......36

Oh Lord: The one who abandon's the True Path and adopts a wrong
path instead, will have disembarked(to oblivion) having been in the ship.

yaa khudaava(n)d, te jeev inddaj khaann maa(n)he avtaar dharshe
janam feraa jeevdde haathesu(n) maagee ne

Oh Lord: Such a soul will take birth in the phase of evolution
called indaj. The soul has taken up cycles of rebirth having
asked for them with his own hands (deeds).

yaa khudaava(n)d, nav kull naag naa godd rachshe
haree-e te maa(n)he avtaar-j deedhaa jee.......38

Oh Lord: (In this phase) deep and dark holes containing
nine families of serpents will be constructed. The Lord will
grant birth (to such a soul) in this phase entirely.

yaa khudaava(n)d, veesmu avtaar te jenaa haath na pag
tene haree-e aavardaa adakee-j deedhaa jee.....39

Oh Lord: The difficult birth is that which has neither hands nor feet.
In addition the Lord has granted an extended life span to it.

yaa khudaava(n)d, indaj khaann maa(n)he evaa chhe dukh
te jeevdde haathesu(n) maageene leedhaa jee....40

Oh Lord: Such are the difficulties in the indaj phase of evolution.
The souls in it have asked for it through their own hands (deeds).

yaa khudaava(n)d, daso(n)d detaa jenne jeev kha(n)ddat keedhee
te jeev har padamee thee bhulaa jee............41

Oh Lord: The soul that is deficient in fulfilling it's duty of the
observance of tithe, will forever be outside the rank
(dignified status of humanbeing).

yaa khudaava(n)d, haree ne naam thee bahesht-j paaiye
te jeevdde het karee haree naam na leedhaajee..42

Oh Lord: Through the name of the Lord paradise is attained entirely.
The soul that has not remembered the Lord's name lovingly

yaa khudaava(n)d, teto sureg khaann maa(n)he avtaar dharshe
janmo janam naa feraa maa(n)gee ne leedhaa jee.43

Oh Lord: Such a soul will be born in the sureg phase of evolution.
It has earned the cycles of rebirth through it's own actions.

yaa khudaava(n)d, addhaar bhaar vanaspatee maa(n)he teto avtaar-j dharshe
tene u(n)dhe mustak saahebe keedhaa jee........44

Oh Lord: The soul will bear the burden of eighteen weights of
vegetable in the entire birth and it's head will be upside down.

yaa khudaava(n)d, baare maas tene vasamee chhe vellaa
tenee dehee upar tha(n)dd ne dhup jalshe jee...45

Oh Lord: This period of twelve months will be difficult for it.
Upon it's body will befall the extemities of cold and heat.

yaa khudaava(n)d, ekvees laakh maa(n)he avtaar-j dharshe
janamo janam naa feraa maa(n)gee ne leedhaa jee46

Oh Lord: This soul will take 2,100,000 of the same kind of births entirely.
It has taken up cycles of rebirth having asked for them
by himself (through it's misdeeds).

yaa khudaava(n)d, sureg khaann naa bhaai evaa chhe dukh
te jeevdde haathe maa(n)gee ne leedhaa jee.....47

Oh Lord: Brother such are the difficulties of enduring the phase of sureg.
The soul that endures it has asked for it by it's own actions.

yaa khudaava(n)d, seel sa(n)toke je jeev haree ne aaraadhe
te jeev anat feraa thee chhuttaa(n) jee........48

Oh Lord: The souls that love the Lord pure and contented,
will be freed from the countless cycles of rebirth.

yaa khudaava(n)d, te jeev peershaah ne paase jai besashe
tene seer upar chhatr dharshe jee..............49

Oh Lord: Such souls will reach the presence of the Imaam and
Peer and be seated there. Upon their heads will be a cover (of protection).

yaa khudaava(n)d, eso geenaan peer bhanne hasan kabeerdeen
te moman naa kaaraj sarave seedhaa jee.........50

Oh Lord: This Divine knowledge and wisdom is taught by Peer
Hassan Kabeerdeen. The momins(who follow it)
will have their deeds perfected.

yaa khudaava(n)d, geenaan vichaaro maaraa munivar bhaai
ame aminaa ka(n)chole saahebe laadhaa jee......51

Oh Lord: O my believing brothers, reflect upon this
Divine knowledge and wisdom. We have found the Lord
through the vessels of Abesafaa (holy water).

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