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Ya Ali Khub Mijalas (Munajat) - Translation B



O Ali how beateous gathering, as if we are in heaven
The whole earth is spread like a carpet
for Sultan Muhammad the Lord has come
and is sitting on His throne

Blessed be this say

the kingdom of the Noor of Mowlana Ali,
Mowlana Shah Karim is (also) the pearl of the eye of Mowlana Ali
The Lord who is descendent of Nabi, this kingdom be blessedly His.
Blessed be this day...1

O Ali your Jamat from Hind have come for your didar
They bend down in prostration offering their tributes
while bending down.
Blessed be this day...2

O Ali your exalted position right from the day of creation
shows its (supernatural) quality and capacity
Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah has spoken
(in designating) Shah Karim (as the Imam).
Blessed be this day...3

O Ali do I call You Lord, indeed yours is a very exalted destiny
In your young age this is a mark of the dawn of your glorious station.
Blessed be this day...4

O Ali the throne and the parasole (of authority) be blissfully yours,
O the beloved Zohra (Bibi Fatima Tuz-Zohra)
O Hasanshah (Aga Shah Hasanali Ali Shah) all these actions are yours,
the heaven on earth that we are experiencing now is decorated by You.
Blessed be this day...5

O Ali having heard of your throne and parasole (authority of Imamat)
Noor rains from the heavens
Taking bowls full of pearls, the hoories are slattering them on You
(as an augmenting ceremony of welcome).
Blessed be this day...6

O Ali all in the gathering congregation in celebration reciting prayers
Shamsi (the Sayyed author who was a descendant of Pir Shams)
recited the Salwaat, it was a celebration of Marifat.
Blessed be this day...7

O Ali Sayyed recites this song of praise and prayer in order to congratulate you.
O the Lord of Najaf (Mowlana Ali)
with your support and backing all ennemies give up the enmity.
Blessed be this day...8

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