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Tu(n)hi Gur Tu(n)hi Nar - Translation C



Pir Sadardeen

You are my Guru, and You are my hope

You alone I serve, O my Lord ...1

I cannot sleep without You

Nor do I enjoy food or drink (without You) ...2

There are two types of people,

The enlightened (didari) and those who have

gone astray (andhari)

And those later types do not seem to find

the right path ...3

My main worry O momins is that

You might not recognize God manifest

who has come to you as Ali ...4

O Lord, You created eight karoj Brahmins

(learned people)

Who have all failed to understand your meaning

(jist of creation) ...5

Your creation is full of variety of beings

And none of them seem to have known the jist

of your existence ...6

You were the only one present before

You created this universe ...7

When my Lord (Imam of the Time) comes from

the West

We will rejoice by playing drums and music ...8

Pir Sadardeen says, "My only prayer is

O Lord, I am glad I have recognized You" ...9

Heritage Society Collection

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