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Sum Nahi Tu Jaag Saveraa - Translation



eji sum nahi tu(n) jaag saveraa, furasat nahin sonnedhi
antakaall samaa chal vaise, karle tu(n) gooj gur sandheeve
bodd tusaa nahi(n) avannaa, fer tusaa nahi(n) avannaa
tu(n) alee alee naam dheeyaavere
tu(n) alee alee naam dheeyaavere ghaafal
guru charanne chit tu(n) laavere
guru charanne chit laavere ghaafal
vendhee shaah rayanna viyaannire, vendhee shaah rayann........1

O momins! do not sleep(be ignorant), remain awake (in Divine knowledge
and remembrance) while there is time. There is no time for sleeping(ignorance).
The time of death is approaching fast, pass your life in the company of the Guide.
You do not get born(in human form) always, and you will not return again
(in the present form). So recite(meditate or contemplate upon) the name of Ali,
recite Ali's name often O ignoramus creature. Bring your mind(your intellect) at
the Guide's feet(at His behest), bring your mind to the Guide's feet O ignoramus one.
Hence, the Lord will enable your night(dark times of ignorance) to pass away(in enlightenment).

eji maataa geerbhaa sthaane tu(n) vachan-j deeyaa
so kyun kar man veesaare re
jees kaaranne tu(n) atee dookh bhogave
so nahin sang tumaare re
bhaj paddo satgur ke sharanne
jo kshann maa(n)he paar ootaare re.....bodd tusaa nahi........2

O momins! you gave this entire promise when you were in the womb of your mother.
Then why do you forget this in your mind? The things that you have suffered a great
deal to attain(material wealth and pleasures), will not accompany you into the hereafter.
Remember the Lord at the abode of the True Guide (in Jamaatknaanaa everyday) who
will enable you to cross the material limits in a moment(at the right time).

eji arjan bheem mahaabal jodhaa
sobhee pooreeyu bhogidhaave
pavan jinudhe chalatra(chalam?) boohave
suraj tape rasoi ve
raavan jesaa chakravati raajaa
kaall na chhoddyaa sohi re...........bodd tusaa nahi..........3

mahaabal - great strength jodhaa - warriors
dhaave - run for help

O momins! Arjuna and Bheem were warriors of great strength, even their days are over.
The one whose breath made the winds blow and whose cooking was done by the sun's rays;
even the sovereign (chakravati) king of such stature of Raavan,
was not spared by the (call of) death.

eji jeene mere shaah-jidhaa naam na japiyaa
so kiyaa suraa sadhaayidhaave
daas gopal tini vaddaa bhaag
je man nu vash karidhaa ve...........bodd tusaa nahi..........4

O momins! those who did not meditate upon the name of the Lord,
what did their bravery(suraa) accomplish(sadhaayidhaave). Daas Gopaal,
as a result of great fortune conquered his mind(worldly desires).

eji nav avataare shaah nav daanaav chheddiaa
das me kalingaa teri vaarire
geenaan mahaaras peer gofte hassan shaah
ajakal shaah dhi asvaarire...........bodd tusaa nahi..........5

O momins! in the nine manifestations, the Lord destroyed nine demons.
The tenth demon is at your disposal(for annhilation). This Divine knowledge
and wisdom which is considered as full of spiritual nourishment, has been
scattered by Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen. It is now the time for the Lord (Imaam)
to mount His horse(in defence against the evil forces).

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