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Shaah Naa Khat Aaviyaa - Translation B



Pir Indra Imamdin

Hazir Imam's written message (Talika) has come to India.

This has swept the sweet scent of sandlewood (all over the country). ...1

Hazir Imam's Talika is read by Pir Indra Imamdin,

Today, joy in my heart does not remain within limit. ...2

If I had wings, then I would go and meet Hazir Imam.

What can I do? (changing of my body) is not in my hands. ...3

If there be a shoulder-bearer, he would fly me on his shoulders.

So I am waiting and thinking (for such a shoulder-bearer to come). ...4

(Let) flowers be picked up by women of chastity,

(Whom) evil winds of kaljoog (treacherous era) have not touched. ...5

The Rahis and Darahis jointly started to go to the headquarters of Hazir Imam. They have gone according to the Farmans of Hazir Imam. ...6

(On the way) The sea thunders dreadfully, see how the cowards lose their lives (courage) there! ...7

The tiger and the lions are the escorts of the Rahis.

It is due to the acquaintance of our Hazir Imam. ...8

Very high mountains seem dreadful.

There blow cold winds of the Himalayas. ...9

The Rahis and Darahis jointly reached the headquarters (of Hazir Imam). (The place where) They arrived (was) into (the city of) Kahek Nagri. ...10

The Kahek Nagri appears very beautiful.

There lives our Lord, the Master of three worlds. ...11

Get the salver filled up to the brim with beads (pearls).

Honour our Lord of the three worlds by showering them on Him. ...12

Pir Indra Imamdin speaks with a hopeful face requesting (praying) to the Lord, "Forgive the sins of the Jamat". ...13

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