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Seeree Islaamshah Amane Mal Yaa - Translation E



Pir Sadardeen

O believers! We have recognized Imam Islamshah, who bestowed on us with a kingdom of religion. He, the Imam was recognized in His very divine form and has fulfilled our desires....1

We have supplicated devotedly and (finally) recognized that very Lord. The tithe and sacrifice are amounted (being perfect) if one is gripped in love with the Lord. ...2

The Holy Ginan was composed by knowing the love (with the Lord) and also kept patience in the heart. The Holy Ginan of the Pir is understood if one becomes pure as water. ...3

The mind (easily) becomes pure (as water) if one has thorough love (for the Lord) beforehand. Kindness (thereafter) would leap out (within the heart) and you would earn salvation....4

Says Pir Sadardeen: You feel the presence of the Lord. The eternal grade is granted if one beheld the divine light within the heart....5

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