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Seeree Islaamshah Amane Mal Yaa - Translation D



Pir Sadardeen

O soul! O momins!

We have Imam Islamshah;

Who gave us a spiritual kingdom;

And showed us a divine light.

And fulfilled our desires. ...1

While serving Him devotedly,

We recognized Him;

Only those who give dasond,

And sacrifice all with love,

Are the true momins. ...2

With love and patience in my heart,

I have composed these Ginans,

True knowledge of Hazir Imam

Can only be had if we keep our minds pure as water. ...3

The mind can only remain pure,

If you have love for Almighty Allah;

Kindness will spring in your heart,

And your soul will earn salvation,

Through our Lord Hazir Imam. ...4

Says Pir Sadardeen,

Feel the presence of Hazir Imam ever with you,

The eternal peace will only come,

If you behold the divine light within your heart.


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